Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | ▒ . . .Opportunity to earn free CNE credits
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▒ . . .Opportunity to earn free CNE credits

▒ . . .Opportunity to earn free CNE credits

Opportunity for PNDS Registered Dietitians to earn CNE credits:



Dear EC and PNDS Registered Dietitians,


PNDS web committee is in process of redesigning and updating PNDS website. For that we need different nutrition and health related articles / write ups, and healthy eating tips to upload on our website.


Publication Section:

Nutrition based Write up/ article for PNDS website for a layman readership.


May share your  published scientific article with us for website publications section.


NOTE: Words count limit should be between  250-300.


You can send us your articles / write-ups to publish on the website in publication section.


Healthy Eating Tips / Tip of the day: Similarly if you send us 5 Healthy Eating Tips for the section “Tip of the day” with authentic references or source you can l earn 1 Credit hour.


Upon selection of the article or Tips after reviewing by the committee, you will have the opportunity to earn credit hrs. Make sure that the tip should be evidence based and with proper reference quoted.


NOTE: For tip word limit should not exceed 30 words and for details/scientific fact behind that tip word limit should not exceed 150 words.


One article / write up =   1 credit

5 healthy eating Tips =   1 credit


You can email your write up / Tips to web committee chair Sabeen Siddiqui at or at


Last date of submission is 30thDecember2013

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