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International Conferences and Reports




The 4th Asian Congress of Dietetics “Nutrition and Dietetics in a borderless Society” April 23 – 26, 2006 Manila, Philippines:

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PNDS became member of AFDA in 2005 and was officially welcomed by the congress at 4th ACD.

Nilofer F Safdar, being General Sect. of PNDS was nominated by the Executive Council to attend the 4th Asian Congress of Dietetics (ACD) and General Assembly meetings of Asian Federation of Dietetics (AFDA) from 23-26th April 2006 in Manila, Philippines. The ceremonial signing of the Manila declaration stated that Pakistan as an AFDA member will nurture the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation among members and work towards the professionalization and harmonization of the dietetic education and profession within its country and region was the Congress land mark event for the Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society.



5th Asian Congress of Dietetics “The Art of Wellbeing through Asian Dietetic Practice’ Nov 10-12, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand:

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 In November 2010 Pakistan (PNDS) elected as executive council member of AFDA. Ms. Fayza Khan(Vice President PNDS) & Deneize Asim Puri represented Pakistan  at 5th Asian Congress of Dietetics and General Assembly meetings of Asian Federation of Dietetics on 10-12th November 2010 held in Bangkok, Thailand. Deneize Asim Puri presented her paper on “Optimizing Nutrition for the Cancer patients” and PNDS had a stall, where PNDS activities of the past years were displayed along informative material, brochures, Newsletters which were distributed among the congress participants.




6th Asian Congress of Dietetics 2014 Taipei, Taiwan

21 August to 24 August 2014

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Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society participated in the 6th Asian Congress of Dietetics, 2014 at Taipei Taiwan which was held on 21st August to 24th August 2014, organized under the auspices of the Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA).Theme for the 6th ACD was “Advancing health through innovative dietetic practice across Asia” The Asian congress of Dietetics is the major scientific and professional gathering of dietetic professionals, nutritionists, researchers and Practioners in Asia held every four years since 1994. This congress provides a platform to build networking, sharing knowledge from research, development, best practices and collaboration among dietitians in Asia and with International colleagues.

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