Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | PNDS Constitution & Bylaws
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PNDS Constitution & Bylaws



The aim is to represent, promote and advance the science and profession of nutrition in order to achieve better nutrition status for the population in Pakistan.



  • To promote the development of the dietetic and nutrition professions, by keeping abreast with the knowledge in the area of nutrition and dietetics and by providing a platform for collective action as a profession.
  • To provide a consultative forum to the GOP on matters of policy and future planning for nutrition programs and dietary guidelines for the Pakistani population.
  • To advice on suitable courses for the training of nutritionists and dietitians and provide continuing education courses to professionals in the field.
  • To participate in the formation and continuing revision of education standards for eligibility to practice as Nutritionists/Dietitians.
  • To recognize relevant entry-level competencies for overseas qualifications.
  • To set up national and international collaboration for nutrition and dietetic research and educational activities in Pakistan and the region.
  • To organize meetings, workshop and conferences in nutrition, dietetics and related disciplines.
  • To network with local/national/international dietetic, nutrition and health related organizations.
  • To secure, accept and manage funds, donation, grants, endowments and any other moveable/immovable properties from lawful sources within the country or abroad and to utilize them to further and promote the aims and objectives of the Society.
  • Society will be run on non-political and non commercial basis.
  • Office bearers and members of the society will not be the paid employees of the society.
  • The society shall confined its activities only to the aims and objectives of the society and the income and property of the society from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the society and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividends, profit, bonus to any member, office bearers of the society or otherwise. Violation of this condition will be personal responsibility of the office bearers or members concerned.


Organization will be a professional organization run on a purely non-commercial basis with no political/ religious agendas.

Funds and Accounts

  • The accounts and vouchers of receipts and expenditure of the PNDS shall be subject to examination by a recognised or registered auditor. The auditor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee.
  • All sums received shall be regularly deposited into a recognised bank by the Treasurer as soon as possible, after the receipt thereof.
  • All cheques drawn on the bank shall be signed by any two of the following: President, Treasurer and General Secretary.
  • The financial year of the society shall be from July 1st to 30th June.


  • The accounts of the society shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant every year as appointed by the General Body.
  • Inspection of records, minutes of the proceedings of the Executive Committee membership books, books of account shall open to inspection upon written demand of any member at any reasonable time, reasonably related to the members interest.


Every member of the Executive Committee and other temporary officers of the PNDS shall be indemnified out of the funds of the PNDS against all losses and expenses incurred in the discharge of his/her duties lawfully done or performed.

Suits and Proceedings

The Secretary will have the power to file or defend suits or other proceedings on behalf of the PNDS and will have power to compromise, settle or refer to arbitration any dispute relating to the PNDS, with the approval of the Executive Committee.


  • Once every two years, the President shall convene a meeting of the General Body for election of the members of the Executive Committee and its office bearers.
  • The election shall be by vote of members present.
  • Every member shall have a right to one vote, but the defaulter member who has not paid the membership fee shall not be eligible to cast a vote unless arrears are cleared prior to voting.
  • Members seeking election will have to file nomination papers atleast two weeks prior to the date fixed for election and scrutiny of all the nomination papers proposed and seconded by two members shall be held atleast one week before the date of election. Those candidates who nomination papers are considered to be in order by the nomination committee shall be eligible to contest for the Executive Committee.
  • Executive Committee will nominate 3 members for nominating committee for the next election of the Executive Committee. The nomination committee should consist of one member from the Executive Committee and 2 from the general body.



No addition, alteration or amendment shall be made to in the Memorandum or Rules and Regulation of the PNDS for the time being in force unless the same has been previously submitted to and approved by the Executive Committee and passed in a meeting of the general body of members, by 2/3rd of the members present and voting in a General Meeting duly convened for the purpose.


That on dissolution of the Society after the approval of 2/3rd majority of General  Body all assets of the Society shall be transferred to any other Society subject to  the condition that such Society must be in agreement with aims and objectives of  the society and after clearance of all the liabilities.


Click here to see the copy of Constitution and By Laws New Doc 2019-04-29 09.04.41 PNDS CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS