CNE JOURNEY(2003-2017)

By: Maaryam Arif, Joint Secretary and CNE Chair, PNDS

2003 to December 2004 :Monthly Nutrition Forum: Student researches and a current research article  

1st CNE, July 2005  : “Nutritional Management of Burn Patients”   Speaker: Shabnam Razi (Senior Clinical Dietitian,Patel                                                                                                                                                                                         Hospital,Karachi)

2nd CNE, August 2005: “Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome”  Speakers: Dr. Lubna Zuberi (Endocrinologist,AKUH),Dr. Salma H. Badruddin                                                                                                                                                 (Prof. of Nutrition,AKUH)

3rd CNE, December 2005 : “Nutritional Management in Chronic Liver Diseases” Speaker: Denieze Asim Puri(Dietitian,SIUT)

4th CNE, January 2006  “Food Allergies”  Speaker : Kanwal Shaukat (Nutritionist,CHS, AKUH)

5th CNE, February 2006: “Medicinal Value of Foods” Speaker: Dr. Anwar Gillani (Prof.AKUH)

6th CNE, April 2006: “Nutritional Benefits of Soya Bean” Speaker: Dr. Suresh

7th CNE, June 2006 : “Effect of Helminthic Infestation on Nutritional Status” Speaker : Sumaira Nasim(Nutritionist,Baqai University                                                                                                                                                                                         Hospital,KHI)

8th CNE, July 2006 : “Pakistan Tawana Project” School Nutrition Program”  

Speaker: Dr. Ghazala Rafique(Program Director,CHS,AKUH)

9th CNE, August 2006 : “Enteral Nutrition Support in Hospitalized patients”  Speaker: Sana Shabbeer (Dietitian,AKUH)

10th CNE, December 2006: “House Health Education as a Nutrition Intervention Tool”

Speaker: Ayesha Zahid Khan(Nutritionist,CHS,AKUH)

11th CNE, February 2007


  • Impact of Nutrition Transition in developing countries with emphasis on Gestational Diabetes
  • Nutritional Concerns in management of PCOS and Stress
  • Catabolism Benefits of appropriate Nutritional Therapy
  • Critical nutrition management in tertiary care hospitals


  • Romaina Iqbal (Asst.Prof.Dept.of CHS,AKUH)
  • Nilofer F. Safdar(Nutritionist ,The Kidney Centre PGTI)
  • Shehla(Abbott Nutrition)
  • Nazra Huda(Nutrition Consultant,AKUH)

 12th CNE, March 2007: “Nutritional Management in Chronic Kidney Disease and Pre Dialysis Nutrition Management”

Speakers: Nilofer F Safdar (Nutritionist, The Kidney Centre PGTI),Kehkashan Zehra (SIUT)

13TH CNE, April 2007 : “Work Site Nutrition Intervention Program “Product Endorsement by Nutrition Expert: How & Why?”

   Speakers: Fayza Rani (Dietitian, The Kidney Centre PGTI, Unilever Pakistan), Nausheen Aziz (Nutritionist, Tetra Pak)

14th CNE, 30th June 2007 : “Health Promotion through Fitness & Nutrition- Complements not substitutes”

Speaker:   Erum Jhumra(Nutrition Consultant, Oxygen Spa)

15th CNE, September 2007 : Ramzan and Managing Diabetes”Speaker: Afshan Siddqui( Clinical Dietetitian,BIDE)

16th CNE, January 2008: “Double Burden of Malnutrition’   &  Nutritional management during Stress    

Speaker: Mahwish Riaz (Dietitian,BIDE),Nousheen Aziz(Nutritionist)

17th CNE, 29th March 2008: “Vascular Diseases: Pathophysiology”  ,”Nutritional Management in Heart Diseases”                 

 Speaker: Dr.Rafia Toor (Dept.of Atomic Energy, JPMC)Mozamilla Mughal,Dietitian, AKUH

18th May, 2008: ‘Pathophysiology of Kidney Diseases”, “Nutritional Management in Chronic Kidney Diseases”            

Speaker: Dr.Waqar Kashif (Consultant Nephrologist,AKU)Amna Kashif (Nutritionist)

19thCNE, 26th Dec, 2008: “Fads and fallacies common in our societies”   Speakers: Erum Jhumra (Nutrition Consultant, Oxygen Spa)

20th CNE,10th Jan, 2009:”Prevention of Disability:Nutritional Aspects”&”Development of Dietetics in Pakistan: Role of PNDS  

Speaker: Dr. Rubina Hakim(Prof. Nutrition) Nilofer Safdar(Nutritionist,TKCI)

21st CNE, 28th March 2009: “Liver Diseases: Pathophysiology and Nutritional Management”

Speakers:  Dr.Shahab Abid( AKUH) ,Wajeeha Azeem( Dietitian,AKUH)

22nd CNE, May 2009: ‘Nutritional Immunity”  Speaker:  Sikandar Khan Sheerwani( Phd.Schollar, Immunologist and Microbiologist)

23rd CNE, 26th June 2009: “Celiac disease and Diet”     Speaker:  Bushra Sadiq (Dietitian, The Indus Hospital ,Karachi)

24th CNE, August 2009: Evidence Based Nutrition Practice”  Speaker: Romaina Iqbal (Asst.Prof. Dept. of CHS,AKU)

25th CNE, October 2009: “Gastric by-pass surgery and Diet”  Speaker: Ayesha Zahid Khan,Nutritionist

26th CNE, 2nd January 2010 :  “Osteoporosis” &“Osteoporosis and Importance of Calcium in diet”   

Speaker: Dr.Ayesha Shiekh (AKUH), Tansheet Jawwad(Nutritionist)   

27th CNE, 27th Feb 2010: “Food Fads and Fallacies”  Speaker:  Erum Jhumra

28th CNE,25th October, 2010: “Parental Nutrition”     Speaker: Badar Hina(Dietitian,Ojha Campus,DUHS)

29th CNE, on 22nd January 2011: “Optimizing Nutrition in Cancer Patients” Speaker: Deneize Asim Puri, Consultant Dietitian, The                                                                                                                                                                                           Indus Hospital Karachi

 30th CNE,28th May 2011 : Glycemic Index in Theory, Practice and Clinical Research”    Speaker: Szussana Fajscak (Nutritionist)

31st CNE, 29th October 2011: “Nutritional Assessment and management of Hospitalized Children” Speaker: Kehkashan Zehra                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Dietitian,SIUT)32nd CNE, 24th Dec 2011 : “Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin”    

 Speakers:  Nilofer Safdar (Nutritionist,TKC),Dr. Ayesha Habib(Consultant Physician,AKUH)

33rd CNE, February 2012 : Drug and Nutrient Interactions            Speaker: Dr.Salma H.Badruddin

34th CNE,28th April 2012: “Nutritional Anemia”                                Speaker: Hina Badar (Dietitian,Ojha Campus,DUHS)

35th CNE, 30th June 2012: “Pathophysiology and Nutrition Management of IBD”

Speakers: Dr. Sina Aziz (Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterologist), Mozamilla Mughal(Senior Dietitian,AKUH)

36th CNE, 20th Oct. 2012 : “Presentation Skills”     Speaker: Dr. Syeda Amber (MPH, Dept. of HDP, AKUH)

37th CNE, 29th Dec.2012 : “Role of Exercise in Diabetes & Nutritional Management in GDM”

Speakers: Dr. Khuram Shahid (Consultant Diabetologist), Wajeeha Azeem (Consultant Dietitian,South City Hosp.KHI.)

38th CNE,23rd Feb 2013 : “Demystifying Fad Diets”  Speaker: Erum Jhumra(Consultant Nutritionist, Oxygen Spa)

39nd CNE,27th April 2013: “Functional Foods & Food Borne Illnesses”

Speakers:  Rabia Anwer (Dietitian, PNS Shifa Hosp.Khi),Faiza Shoaib( Dietitian,MMI)

40th CNE, 30th November 2013: ‘’Chronic Kidney Disease And Bone Mineral Disorder,

                                                                   “Malnutrition And Role Of Nutrition In  CKD – BMD”

 Speakers:  Dr. Salman Imtiaz (Consultant Nephrologist, TKCI) ,Fayza Khan (Consultant  Dietitian,TKCI)

41st CNE, 25th January 2014: ‘Nutritional Management Of Critically Ill Patients”

 Speakers: Saima  Rasheed (Consultant Dietitian,NMC hospital,Karachi),  Rabia Anwer (Consultant Dietitian, PNS Shifa,Karachi)

42nd CNE, 26th April 2014: ‘’Nutrition Management In Autoimmune Disorders”

Speakers: Moti Khan (Senior Clinical Dietitian),Munazza Ahmed (BS Food and Nutrition)

43rd CNE, 6th September 2014 : “Nutritional Management of Diarrheal diseases”

Speakers:   Dr. Sina Aziz (PHD) Professor Pediatrics, Sabeen Siddiqui (Senior Clinical Dietitian)

44th CNE,29th Nov,2014 : “Food Security and Current Situation in Pakistan” Speakers:  Sumaira Naseem MSc Nutrition, MPH                                                                                                                                                                                                       (Australia)

45th CNE, 27th December 2014 : “Dietary Salt Intake: Morbidity and Mortality”

Speaker:  Romaina Iqbal (MSc, MPH, PhD Nutrition, McGill University, Associate .Prof.CHS Dept.AKUH)

46th CNE, 7th February 2015 : “Exercise 101: An interactive Session”

Speaker:  Samina Adam Umer MSc (Nutrition) Certified from ACE-American Council on Exercise & IFPA – International Fitness Professionals Association

47th CNE, 25th April 2015: “Complementary Feeding”     Speaker:  Nusrat Akber (Consultant Nutritionist)

 48th CNE, 31st October 2015 : “Infant and Young Children Feeding Practices in Pakistan”

Speaker:   Sumaira Naseem MSc Nutrition, MPH (Australia)

49th CNE, 2nd January 2016 : “Significance of Nutrition Post Surgery and Wounds”   Speaker: Sidra Raza (Clinical Dietitian)

50th CNE, 5th March, 2016 : “Food Safety Management”

Speakers:  Dr. S. M. Naushad Zafar (PhD Entomologist),Mudassir Nazir (M.Sc., M.Phil. Food Production Management)

51st CNE, 30th April 2016 : ‘’Parental Nutrition Managing: Complications‘’    Speaker: Kehkeshan Zahra (Consultant Dietitian)

52nd   CNE, 23rd July 2016 : ‘’Ways and Means to Address Malnutrition in Emergency Situations CMAM‘’

Speakers:  Dr. Yasir Ithesham (Nutrition Officer, World Food Program)

53th CNE, 12th August 2016 : ‘’Evidence Based Nutrition‘’   Speakers: Dr. Rubina Hakeem (PhD. Nutrition)

54th CNE, 20th August 2016 : ‘’Therapeutic Communication with Patients- Health Literacy: why does it matter for a Dietitian?

Speaker:   Barbara Eichorst (MS, RD, CDE)

 55th CNE, 5th November 2016 : ‘’Current and Future Nutrition Sensitive and Specific Interventions in Sindh Province‘’

Speakers:  Dr. Zeeshan Noor Shaikh (MPH, MBBS) Assistant Professor, SPH,DUHS)

57thCNE, 11th February 2017 : ‘’Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Universal Salt Iodization ‘’

Speaker:Dr. Fatima Saad Provincial Program Manager (Micronutrient Initiative)