Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Lahore Chapter
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Lahore Chapter

Sr. Title Speaker Place Date
1. Food Security & Current Situation in Pakistan Café X2 29.11.14
2. Complementary Feeding AminaChughtai Café X2 3.6.15
3. Nutritional Anemias Shifa Ali IHT 17.8.15
4. Health Perspectives of Sodium Intake AfifaTanweer Ittefaq Hospital 19.9.15
5. Nutrition in Autism Maria Nadeem FMH 12.11.15
6. Meal Planning Strategies in Diabetes DrAsifKadri IHT 23.2.16
7. Role of Nutraceuticals in Management of Diabetes Shereen Khan University of South Asia 14.3.16
8 Emotional Eating, Food Addiction and its Management (Workshop) Maria Nadeed IHT 1.4.16
9. Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients RashidahJaved IHT 14.5.16
10. Enteral Nutrition Support (Workshop) HajraSaleem


IHT 16.7.16
11. Stress, Obesity & its Dietary Management Maria Nadeem Maisonatte Hotel 5.8.16
12. Adductor Pollicis Muscle – An Emerging Anthropometric Parameter AminaChughtai

Ayesha Batool

IHT 13.1.17
13. Carbohydrate Counting for Type 1 & Type2 Diabetes Tasnim Zahra Ali IHT 11.2.17
14. Lifestyle Modification in Pakistani Population TayyabaBatool IHT 13.5.17
15. Long-Chain-Triglyceride Restricted Diet for Chylothorax Shifa Ali IHT 15.8.17
16. Epidemiological Perspectives of Nutrition AfifaTanweer IHT 16.9.17
17. Applications of Qualitative Research in Dietetics AminaChughtai IHT 11.11.17
18. Gluten Free Carbohydrate Counting Tasnim Zahra Ali IHT 3.2.18
19. Nutritional Counseling: How to Ensure Change Mariam Khan IHT 17.3.18
20. Malnutrition: Understanding the Dilemma Sidra Arslan IHT 14.4.18
21. How to Write a Research Article Faiza Kamal IHT 5.5.18
22. Plant based foods: Opportunities & challenges Makkia Saleem IHT 23.6.18
23. Parenteral Nutrition Workshop Amina Chughtai

Sidra Arslan

IHT 27.10.18
24. Essential Fatty Acids Shifa Ali IHT 5.1.19
25. Mediterranean Diet & Turkish Breakfast Hajra Saleem IHT 14.6.19
26. Optimizing Early Neonatal Nutrition: A contrast in evidence and clinical practice Dr Zahra Khan UHE 14.2.20
27. Nutritional Considerations in Respiratory Diseases; A brief Overview Sidra Arslan Zoom 17.10.20


PNDS Lahore Chapter organized its 1st CNE on 17th Feb 2015 on

“Food Security & Current Situation in Pakistan”

Venue: X-2 Pan Asian Dining, Lahore,

Speaker: Sumaira Naseem MSc Nutrition, MPH (Australia)

Lecture was delivered through a pre-recorded CD by Ms. Sumaira Naseem. She is a Public Health Nutritionist; she did MSc in Human Nutrition from Peshawar and has recently completed her Master’s in Public Health from Australia. Session was followed by RDN certificate awarding ceremony with participation of 45 members.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez Zaman awarded the certificates and delivered a motivational talk to the young members. She spoke about the concept of food security all over the world with a focus on current situation in Pakistan that how food security affects the vulnerable groups of our population specially women & children who are affected by malnutrition at a vast scale. She also highlighted the role of  Nutrition and Dietetic Professionals  in strategic planning on individual and community levels .She suggested how partnerships with food industries, educational institutes, media, special interest groups, advocacy  campaigns, use of social media, group education sessions, community base  nutrition counseling can  help in improving current food security situation in Pakistan. Token of thanks was given by Prof. Ghazala Pervez,PNDS Lahore Chapter Incharge.

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 2nd CNE: 3rd June 2015

“Complementary Feeding Practices”

Speaker: Amina Chughtai, RD, Mphil Nutrition, Lecturer UVAS

She elaborated the significance of age appropriate complementary feeding and the guiding principles for CF. Statistics of prevalence of nutritional deficiencies in Pakistan were also shown.

A brief lecture on “Anti-angiogenesis and its role in controlling Obesity” was delivered by Dr. Uzma Imran, representing the sponsors La Vie

Post session quiz was distributed among the members for availing credit hours of the session.

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3rd CNE: 17th August 2015 on

“Nutritional Anemia”

Speaker: Shifa Ali, Clinical Dietitian, RD, Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), CNE coordinator Lahore chapter


The speaker, Shifa Ali, spoke about the alarming rise in anemia in Pakistan especially Iron deficiency anemia. She elaborated the parameters for the early and late diagnosis. The causes & the target susceptible groups were discussed. She elucidated on the treatment, both dietary and through supplementation. She discussed the various methods through which iron absorption can be enhanced in a well balanced meal. Different forms of supplements & their efficacy were discussed. She talked on megaloblastic anemias & contributory roles of some other nutrients in anemias.

Participants actively participated with their questions, comments, their own experiences & additional information. Post session quiz was given, which the participants attempted in about 15 minutes. Amina Chughtai told about Food & Nutrition Week in UVAS to be held in November. Quiz paper was discussed. Mrs Saira Hayat renewed some memberships. Prof. Ghazala Pervez appreciated the CNE session & the efforts behind it and thanked all the participants,organizers and the sponsors, La-Vie (Pvt) Ltd.

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4th CNE was held on 18th September, 2015 

“Health Perspectives of Sodium Intake’

Speaker: Miss Afifa Tanveer Scholar, M.Phil. Food and Nutrition

Afifa Tanweer, delivered the talk through power-point slides. She discussed the importance of sodium as a nutrient and highlighted the rising trend of certain non- communicable diseases linked to its excessive consumption. Afterwards, the locally available but generally neglected sources of sodium were pointed out. International guidelines and policies related to sodium consumption were also a part of discussion. The conversation was based on evidences from recent researches. The main focus of the session was to emphasize the role of health care professionals in preventive field through promoting evidence based knowledge and practice.A brief presentation was also delivered by Rija Nadir on AHA Guidelines for a Healthy Heart.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez added her valuable comments on the lecture and appreciated the session. She concluded the event by acknowledging the participants organizers and sponsors (Nestle Nutrition)

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5th CNE was held on 12th November 2015 on

“Nutrition in Autism”

Speaker: RD Maria Nadeem Dietitian, Rainbow Obesity and Eating Disorder Center, Lahore

This CNE held on a relatively lesser discussed topic was attended by 30 people including RDs, members and non-members. The speaker, Maria Nadeem, elaborated what autism is & how to recognize it in our surroundings. She discussed the confirmed role o f nutrition in management of autistic children and elaborated the components of GFCF diet. She shared her own experiences in this regard as she is currently dealing with many such children.

It was an interactive session and participants eagerly asked many questions to clear their concepts and about the challenging nature of diet & its management. Some participants shared their experiences, so it was a good learning for all.

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6th CNE was held on 23th Feb 2016 on

“Meal planning Strategies in Diabetes”

Speaker: Dr Asif Mehmood Kadri   MBBS, MCPS, DDM (Gold Medalist) PhD Nutrition (UVAS) President Diabetes Foundation Pakistan Consultant Diabetologist, Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore

The speaker, Dr Asif Kadri emphasized the significance of glycemic control and the role of meal planning for diabetics. He alarmed about the aftermaths of negligence in this regard. He elaborated the concept of carbohydrate counting and its practical aspects in Pakistani population. He suggested the appropriate meal planning strategies suitable and practical for local population.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez gave token of thanks to speaker, organizers, sponsors & participants. She gave take home message of sticking to professional ethics with practicality.

Sponsors: Novamed Healthcare

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7th CNE was held on 14th March 2016 on the

“Role of Nutraceuticals  in the Management of Diabetes”

Speaker: RD Shereen Khan, Mphil Nutrition Scholar

This CNE session took place in the premises of University of South Asia. The number of participants reached 65, including RDs, practicing nutritionists & students. Shereen Khan elaborated the role of different nutraceuticals in diabetes management. She discussed each one according to research based evidence & elucidated their pros and cons. Different common myths related to ‘cure’ of diabetes were also mentioned. Ms Tasnim Zahra from Abbott delivered a short presentation on Diet in Diabetes.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez awarded 7th RD exam certificates to the successful candidates.She congratulated the new RDs and gave token of thanks to all.The HOD & VC of university thanked PNDS Lahore team for conducting the session. Honorary certificates of participation and bouquets were presented to the speaker & organizers.

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Sponsors: Abbott Nutrition


8th CNE was organized on 1st April 2016 on

“Food Addiction, Emotional Eating & its Management”

Speaker: Maria Nadeem, Amina Iftikhar, Rainbow Obesity &Eating Disorder Center

This session  involved training the professionals to combat emotional eating, how to practice mindful eating and then how to teach the patients and clients. The speaker discussed how types of different food addictions develop and how it affects our bodies. The session involved a practical demonstration of mindful eating too.

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9th CNE was organized on  14th May 2016 on

“Nutrition Therapy for Cancer Patients: Evidence Based Practice Guidelines”

Speaker: Miss Rashida Javaid Dietitian, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Lahore

Organized by: Shifa Ali and Rebecca Tariq

A total of 60 people (including RDs, practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists, and PNDS members) attended the session. Speaker, Rashida Javaid discussed about the importance of nutrition in treatment of Cancer. She also elaborated effect of cancer on food and nutrient intake and its nutrition Intervention. Side effects of cancer treatment and nutritional strategies to deal with them were also discussed. The main focus of the session was to emphasize the role of health care professionals in improving quality of life through promoting evidence based knowledge and practice.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez added her valuable comments on the lecture and appreciated the session. She also made some important announcements on the upcoming Rd exams and procedure of taking membership and membership renewal. She concluded the event by acknowledging the participants, sponsors and the organizers.

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10th CNE was held on 

“Enteral Nutrition Support” (Training session)

Speakers: RD, Syeda Fizza Batool Lecturer. Former Clinical Nutritionist SKMH

                     RD, Hajra Saleem Consultant Dietitian Iqra Medical Complex

The workshop/session encompassed all the challenging aspects of enteral nutrition. The speakers elaborated the feeding methods, advantages, disadvantages of the entire feeding route. Caloric assessment of feeds, feeds preparation, suitable feeds, feed ingredients all were discussed. The lecture involved two hands on sessions, in which participants were asked to solve case studies related to the topic.

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11th CNE was held on 5th August 2016 on

 “Stress, Obesity and its Dietary Management”

Speaker: Dr. Sohail 

Speaker started the session with explaining the role of stress on body & mind. He elaborated the role of hormones in stress on human psyche. Ms Mehak Hameed elaborated the impacts of stress on eating habits and how it leads to obesity. She told about the foods and nutrients that are helpful in relieving stress. Another psychiatrist of Rainbow Center, Ms Amina Iftikhar, told about some relaxation techniques to combat stress. Participants were asked to gauge their usual stress eating habits through a stress scale.

Mrs Saira Hayat awarded certificates to the speakers and gave token of thanks to the participants, organizers, the sponsors and everybody who helped in conducting this session successfully.The session ended followed by evening tea & buffet.

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