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Faisalabad Chapter


Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Program



  1. 1st Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Program World Heart Day “At the Heart of Health” 28th September, 2017
  2. 2nd Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Program “ Nurition During First 1000 Days” 31st January, 2018
  3. 3rd Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Program Session on “MATERNAL HEALTH AND NUTRITIONAL CARE”  22nd March, 2018
  4. 4th Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Program Session on    “New Approaches  for Management of  Diabetes Mellitus”  27Tth November, 2018
  5. 5thContinuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Session on March Nutrition Month ” Eat Right, Bite by Bite!” 9TH March, 2020
  6. Online Continuing Education Nutrition(CNE) on” TOTAL PARENTERAL NUTRITIONA BRIEF OVERVIEW “Date: Thursday,17th December, 2020



1st Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE)  PNDS (FSD-CHAPTER)

 28th September, 2017. on “World Heart Day “At the Heart of Health”

Program was hosted by Ms. Hira Iftikhar Chair CNE PNDS (FSD-CHAPTER). Program started at 10:00am with arrival of guests, recitation of Holy Quran and Naat-e-Rasool-e-Maqool. Prof. Dr. Masood Sadiq Butt, Dean Faculty of Food, Nutrition and Home Sciences, UAF delivered welcome address. Dr. Beenish Israr, Chair/In-charge (FSD-Chapter) Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) gave overview of activity. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, Vice Chancellor, UAF showed his support to the activity by his address. At the end of inaugural session Prof. Dr. Tahir Zahoor, Director General, NIFSAT, UAF gave thank you note.

Scientific session started with very enlightening lecture on “Preventation of Heart diseases” by Dr. Rehan Dab, Cardiologist (Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology, Faisalabad). He emphasized on imporance of healthy lifestyle and tips to control heart diseases.

Second talk was on “Aging and Cardiovascular Diseases” by Miss Ayesha Ramzan, Dietitian (Faisal Hospital, Faisalabad) who described how aging may contribute to increase CVD’s and how diet can play imporant role in maintaining optimum health and nutritional status.

The session was ended with Concluding Remarks given by Dr. Mian Kamran Sharif, Assistant Professor/Co-Chair, PNDS, NIFSAT, UAF. The 1st CNE provided a platform for nutrition students, researchers, medical professionals and academia personnel to come together and have a healthy discussion on health and nutritional aspects that can help to build wholesome community.

Cardiovascular disease and nutrient metabolism FSD

Final Dr Rehan Dab presentation FSD