Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | How to earn RDN credits?
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How to earn RDN credits?

Approval of Non-PNDS CNE Credits:

  • PNDS assign credit hours of each nutrition related activity conducted on PNDS platform.
  • If you want to allocate credit hours to any nutrition related activity  which is not conducted by PNDS then you have to submit the details of the activity/program with the speakers/facilitators profiles  at at-least two weeks before the program  in order to assign credit hours to that activity.


Activities Credit Hours Remarks
CNE Attendance 1
CNE Presentation 3
Online Quiz for out of Karachi members 0.5
Newsletter Full Length Article 3
Newsletter Short Article 1
Tips Of the day ( 5tips) 1
PNDS workshops 3 – 6 Specific credits assigned as per activity
Presentation in PNDS sponsored awareness program 1.5
Attendance in PNDS sponsored awareness program 0.5
NON PNDS NUTRITION RELATED ACTIVITIES Credits will be assigned depending upon the  nature of the activities
Presentations in CNE /CME 2 Non PNDS
Attendance at CNE / CME 0.5
Presentation on World Health Days 1
Public Awareness Session 1
Article writing for lay public 1 Must be approved by PNDS before submission
Article writing in Peer reviewed journal 3
Courses Variable depending upon the nature of the course