Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Other activities Islamabad Chapter
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Other activities Islamabad Chapter

Breast Cancer Support Group:

On Saturday 17th Feb 2018 Oncology department at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad organized awereness compaign for cancer patients. The aim of the program is to develop an interactive forum by providing emotional support and motivation to breast cancer survivors. Miss Saba Ahsen Clinical dietitian-II open discission with patients about how keep heathy and clear quries myths about diet for cancer patients. This session was interactive and participants appreciated the initiative to empower Breast Cancer patients through continues Breast Cancer Awereness and Education.


5th National Nutrition Conference Pakistan:

          On Sunday 04th Feb 2018 abbott group of company organized National Nutrition conference  “Nutrination 5”. For all nutritionist of Pakistan there were different presentation on different diseases and their nutritional management delivered by various doctors and nutritionist. They discussed peads related, TNT, Diabatics, Cancer and Renal issues.


World Kidney Day and World Dietitian’s Day and Expo at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Rawalpindi:

On 8th March 2018 Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Rawalpindi arranged a seminar on “Nutrition Facts and Myths”. Dr Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist and HOD of Clinical Nutrition Department from Shifa International Hospital Isb invited as a Speaker and Brig R. Prof Dr Abdul Haleem HOD Nephrology QIH and Col Afzal Peddiantician were invited for peresentation. Dr Rezzan Khan for highlighted the nutrition for kidneys. Followed by interactive session among the public and Consultants.


World Kidney Day at Shifa International Hospital Isb:

          World Kidney Day was arranged for public awarenes by Shifa International Hospital Isb on 8th March 2018. Dr Syed Farhat Abbas Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Ayaz Khan Consultant Urologist and Miss Zainab Bibi Senior Clinical Dietitian were the speakers. Followed by interactive session among the public and consultants.  presentation was on “Health Management for working woman”.


World Woman Day at PTCL Acadamy H-9/4, Isb:

On 8th March 2018  PTCL Acadamy H-9/4 Isb arranged a awereness seminar for PTCL Female Employees Dr Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist and HOD of Clinical Nutrition Department from Shifa International Hospital Isb as a speaker in this seminar. She explained the importance of nutrition in woman lifesyle. She answered the all questions form woman eating habbits and eating disorder. At the end of session question/answer was done.


Nutrition Intervention Program at PC Hotel Lahore by Abbot:

On 11th March 2018 clinical dietitians Miss Zainab Bibi and Miss Alina Qadir attended NIP arranged by abbot. On importance of Malnutrition and Nutrition Assessment of hospitalize patients. They explained importance of Malnutrition in our country and  Nutrition Assessment should be vital part of hospital setup. By these we learn new areas of knowledge help in professional life.


World Dietitian’s Day at Shifa International Hospital Isb:

           On 14th March 2018 World Dietitian’s Day celebrated at C-O Hall Shifa International Hospital Isb. Dr Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist was the major speaker she talked about the important role of dietitian’s in lifestyle awereness living. This event was the interactive session between audience and speaker, everybody was free to ask questions about any nutrition related. Share that event was for general public and there were also free nutrition camp in that event. All Clinical Dietitians are checking weight,height and BMI and counselling all audience one by one. COO Aziz Jan and Dr Qazi CEO are invited for cake ceremony.


Symposium on “Let food by the Medicine and Medicine be thy food” at CMH Hospital  Rawalpindi:

On 15th March 2018 CMH Hospital arranged a symposium on “Let food by the Medicine and Medicine be thy food” Clinical Dietitians of Shifa International Hospital Isb Miss Brirah Altaf and Miss Khushbakht Khaliq  participated in this symposium. Dr. Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist and HOD of Clincial Nutrition Department from Shifa International Hospital and Dr Fazal e Haq, Dr Farkhanda, Dr Jawad and Dr Gul Jabeen were invited for presentation. Dr. Rezzan Khan as a speaker on the topic”Standardised Transitional feeding challenges and management. At the end shields were distributed among speakers and certificates were given to participates.


Awereness Seminar International Health and Environment at Allama Iqbal Open University Isb:

           On 21st March 2018 and 22nd March 2018 Allama Iqbal Open University Isb arranged 2 days Awereness Seminar International Health and Environment on the topic “Management of prevention diseases through lifestyle modification”.  Dr. Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist and HOD of Clincial Nutrition Department from Shifa International Hospital as a speaker. She talked about the Nutrition awereness health and enviroment in foreign country.


 School Activities:

             Shifa International Hospital also arranged some School activities Health day for kids nutrition. On 3th April 2018 in Beacon House H/8-2 Islamabad by r. Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritionist and HOD of Clincial Nutrition Department from Shifa International Hospital   Awareness session on “Healthy diet and Food Myths” for mothers. She talked about  balance diet, healthy diet, food myths and also junk foods that how it is dangerous for health.


Health Day Nutrition Awarness Activity in Islamabad Club:

On 12th  April 2018 Shifa International Hospital Isb among an other Nutrition Awarness activity. Employees of Islamabad Club in which Dr Rezzan Khan provide awarness about general nutrition.



Total Nutrition Therapy (TNT) at Karachi:

On 22nd April 2018 PNDS Islamabad Chapter arranged  Total Nutrition Therapy (TNT) at Karachi .


Awereness Program Sympedia:

On 24th April 2018 Abbott Nutrition arranged Awereness Program at Marriott Hotel Isb. Clinical Dietitians Miss Saba, Miss Khushbakht Khaliq, Miss Alina Qadir and Miss Khushbakht Asif are participated in this program. This Program will give the participants an opportunity to gain insights on latest trends in nutritional management and practices. Dr Munir presented the importnace of breast feeding.



Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society Islamabad Chapter organized its 16th CNE session on 2nd  May 2018  , on the topic of “MNT for ESLD by RD Ayesha Nasir Consultant Nutritionist Nestle Health Sciences.

About 125  participants from different hospitals and educational institutes of twin cities Rawalpindi,Islamabad and Peshawar attended the CNE including Nutrition students ,dietitians and Nutritionists.

Pre-reading material had been mailed to PNDS members with expectation that the material will help the participants to come well prepared for the session. Qualifying the post-session quiz & attending 16th CNE is equivalent to 1 credit.Session was followed by certificate awarding ceremony with participation of 141 members. Feedback form were filled by the participants for further improvement after that at the end of Session Hi tea were served to all the participants at the end of activity sponsered by Abbott Nutrition.


Healthy Ramadan Nutrition Lecture:

On 21st May 2018 American Embassy arranged awereness seminar at Embassy Islamabad.Dr Rezzan Khan provide awarness about Ramadan awereness for embassy employees. She talked about Ramadan month which foods we taken in seher and iftari.