By: Maryam Arif, Joint Secretary and CNE Committee Chair, PNDS

Continuous Nutrition Education (CNE) seminars are a regular feature of PNDS activities. They are held every alternate month. The aim of continuing nutrition education seminars is to update our members on latest scientific developments on nutrition, dietetic and medical fronts. 

The presenters are nutritionists and dietitians or physicians/food technologists/surgeons according to the topic of the session who have a vast experience in their respective fields. The topics mostly focus on evidence based guidelines in the nutritional management of various diseases and disorders or Public health related issues. Consultants from reputed hospitals/organizations/institutions are invited as guest speakers and they explained the disease process and the nutritionist cover the nutritional management part of that topic.

Anybody who has an interest in the field of nutrition can attend. The CNEs are free of charge for the active members of PNDS, while the non-members have to pay a small registration fee. Pre-reading material is emailed to PNDS members, a week before the session so that participant can come well prepared for the session. Qualifying the post-session quiz & attending CNE (equivalent to 1 credit hour).

PNDS appreciates Nestle Health Sciences Nutrition division who has been sponsoring CNEs sessions since beginning on a regular basis.

11th February 2017 Dr. Fatima Saad

Provincial Program Manager(Micronutrient Initiative)

Iodine Deficiency Disorders & Universal Salt Iodization The Kidney Center
5th November 2016 Dr. Zeeshan Noor Sheikh(M.P>H , Mbbs) Assisstant Professor Duhs “Current And Future Nutrition Sensitive And Specific Interventions In Sindh Province” The Kidney Center
30th April 2016 Samina Adam, Registration Committee Chair &

Nida Javed (Vice President, Pnds & Member Rdn Committee)

Kehkashan Zehra, Msc (Nutrition And Dietetics),Chief Clinical Dietitian, Siut

Pnds Registration Exam Overview And Parenteral Nutrition: Managing Complications The Kidney Center
5th March 2016 Dr. S. M. Naushad Zafar(Phd Entomologist)

Mudassir Nazir( M.Sc Biotechnology, M.Phil Food Production Manager)

Food Safety  Management The Kidney Center
2nd January 2016 Sidra Raza (Clinical Dietitian Akuh) Significance Of Nutrition: Post Surgery And Wounds The Kidney Center
31st October 2015 Speaker: Sumaira Nasim Siddiqui

M.Sc. (Nutrition), Mph (Australia)

Visiting Lecturer, School Of Public Health, Duhs (Ojha Campus)

Infant And Young Children Feeding Practices In Pakistan The Kidney Center
25th April 2015 Nusrat Akbar

Consultant Nutritionist

Indus Hospital

Complimentary Feeding The Kidney Center
7th February 2015 Samina Adam Umer

M.Sc Nutrition

Certified From Ace & Ifpa

Exercise 101: An Interactive Session The Kidney Center
27th December 2014 Dr.Romaina Iqbal Dietary Salt Intake :Morbidity And Mortality The Kidney Center
29th November 2014 Sumaira Naseem Food Security And Current Situation In Pakistan The Kidney Center
6th September 2014 Dr Sina Aziz Prof. Paediatrics,Abbassi Shaheed Hospital,Karachi

Sabeen Siddiqui

Senior Clinical Dietitian,Siut

Nutritional Management In Diarrheal Diseases The Kidney Center
6th April 2014 Moti Khan

Senior Clinical Dietitian


Munazza Ahmed

Bs (Food And Nutrition)

Nutritional Management In Auto Immune Disorders The Kidney Center
24th January 2014 Saima Rasheed, Rd, Vice President Pnds

Rabia Anwar

Gs Pnds

Lt Cdr Pns Shifa Hospital Karachi

Nutritional Management In Critically Ill Patients The Kidney Center
30th December 2013 Dr. Salman Imtiaz (Assistant Professor, Department Of Nephrology&

Fayza Khan

President Pnds

Rd, Consultant Dietitian

Ckd And Bone Mineral Disorder, Malnutrition In Ckd The Kidney Center
27 April 2013 Lt Cdr. Rabia Anwer &

Faiza Shoaib

Consultant Dietitian


Functional Foods&

Food Born Illness

The Kidney Center
23rd February 2013 Erum Jhumra “Demystifying Fad Diets” The Kidney Center
29th December 2012 Dr Syed Khurram Shahid

Vajeeha Azeem

Exercise And Dm


Nutritional Management Of GDM

The Kidney Center
20 October 2012 Dr Sayeeda Amber Sayed&

Saima Rasheed

Presentation Skills &

PNDS CNE Guidelines

The Kidney Center
30th June 2012 Prof. Sina Aziz&

Mozammila Mughal

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease” The Kidney Center
28th April 2012 Badder Hina Clinical Dietitian Duhs “Nutritional Anemias” The Kidney Center
24th December 2011 Nilofer Safdar & Aysha Habib “Vitamin D” The Kidney Center
29th October 2011 Kehkashan Zehra “Pediatric Nutrition” The Kidney Center