Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | CNE
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Continuous Nutrition Education (CNE) seminars are a regular feature of PNDS activities. They are held every alternate month. The aim of continuing nutrition education seminars is to update our members on latest scientific developments on nutrition, dietetic and medical fronts. 

The presenters are nutritionists and dietitians or physicians/food technologists/surgeons according to the topic of the session who have a vast experience in their respective fields. The topics mostly focus on evidence based guidelines in the nutritional management of various diseases and disorders or Public health related issues. Consultants from reputed hospitals/organizations/institutions are invited as guest speakers and they explained the disease process and the nutritionist cover the nutritional management part of that topic.

Anybody who has an interest in the field of nutrition can attend. The CNEs are free of charge for the active members of PNDS, while the non-members have to pay a small registration fee. Pre-reading material is emailed to PNDS members, a week before the session so that participant can come well prepared for the session. Qualifying the post-session quiz & attending CNE (equivalent to 1 credit hour).

PNDS appreciates Nestle Health Sciences Nutrition division who has been sponsoring CNEs sessions since beginning on a regular basis.

CNE  Committee Chair : Mozamilla Mughal (2017-2019)