Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Women's Seminar 2006
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Women's Seminar 2006

Press Release Women’s Seminar 2006

Women’s Nutrition and Health Seminar series, 2006

The Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society in collaboration with the Aga Khan University is organizing it Continuing Nutrition Education Seminar Series 2006. The theme of this series is “Women’s Nutrition and Health”. The objective of this series is to provide health care professionals- both clinicians and nutritionist with an update on the current scientific thinking regarding the role of nutrition in the prevention and management of diseases/ disorders that are particularly relevant to women.

A senior member of the PNDS stated that one of the objectives of the PNDS was to provide continuing nutrition education not only to its members but also to members of the medical profession as there was little or no training in nutrition provided in our Pakistani medical curriculum that focused on prevention and management of chronic disease. In 2004 the PNDS had hosted a very successful series that focused on obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases.
The focus of the current series will be on
Endocrine and Eating Disorders Saturday     11 March 2-5.30 pm at AKU Lecture Hall 3
Osteoporosis and Bone Health Saturday       18 March 2-5.30 pm at AKU Lecture Hall 3
Breast Cancer Saturday                                   25 March 2-5.30 pm at AKU Lecture Hall 3
Reproductive Health Saturday                         1 April 2-5.30 pm at AKU Lecture Hall 3
Speakers include Dr Lubna Zuberi ( Endocrinologist AKU, Dr Saiqa Khan Psychologist AKU, Ms Nilofer Safdar (Nutritionist The Kidney Center), Dr Zaki Idrees ( Orthopedic Surgeon LNH), Dr Aysha Habib (Chemical Pathologist AKU), Dr Salma Badruddin (Nutritionist AKU), Dr Shaista Khan ( Surgeon AKU), Ayesha Z Khan (Nutritionist AKU), Dr Rahat Qureshi ( Gynecologist AKU), Dr Ghazala Rafique (Diabetologist AKU), Ms Sumaira Nasim ( Baqai Medical University), Ms Saima Rasheed ( Nutritionist Park Lane Hospital)
Family medicine practitioners and GP have a far greater interaction with the public on a day to day basis than do nutritionists and dietitians. Therefore the Society believes that it is important to make the medical profession cognizant of the importance of nutrition in the non-pharmacological approaches to disease prevention in order to stem the rising tide of chronic disease in Pakistan.

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