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RDN Renewal

RDN Renewal

Those applicants who submit their renewals after every two years of passing RDN exam are considered as ACTIVE RDNs. Who have not earned credits hours during two years time or have not submitted their renewal on time , they should reappear for RDN exam in order to renew their RDN Certification.

 For RDN related queries email at with the subject “RDN committee”.

For Membership related queries , the subject line should be “for membership committee”.

RDN Renewal Process

To renew your RDN Certificate, every two years you have to submit credit hours earned through different activities; in order to maintain your certification

*Earning 15 credit hours/2 years through attending Continuous Nutrition Education Activities     OR

*Reappearing for the exam (if you are unable to submit required credits hours/renewal fee within the given deadline)   

All documents for renewal have to be submitted on PNDS Portal for review and approval. Once approval is done then renewal fee can be submitted to download the Certificate from the portal

 Activities for earning credit hours:

  • Participation in nutrition related activity/session/lecture/ workshop/seminar for professionals or public as speaker or facilitator
  • Participation in PNDS CNEs, workshops,seminars,symposiums as participant/ facilitator or speaker.
  • Writing article for PNDS Newsletters/scientific Journals/Public newspapers/websites
  • Online courses (approved by registration committee) e.g PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION COURSE CREDITS 
  • Approval of Non-PNDS CNE Credits:
    • PNDS RDN committee assigns credit hours of each nutrition related activity conducted on PNDS platform and also to non-pnds related activities.
    • For non PNDS activities all RDNs must submit the details of the activity(e.g duration /content/facilitator details)  at with a clear subject line  “PNDS Credit hours required” at-least two weeks before the program  in order to assign credit hours to that activity.

 You need to earn at least 8 out of 15 credits trough PNDS activities

For further information email  us at