Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Scientific Session:20th August,2017
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Scientific Session:20th August,2017

More than 130 participants attended the session including dietitians/nutritionists/dietetic students from various renowned institutes/hospitals/organizations in Karachi as well as PNDS Chapters core committee team members from Lahore, Islamabad & Faisalabad. Nutrition Society UK endorsed the session being a collaborator of PNDS.

“What to eat or not to eat, how do I decide”

Speaker:Dr. Romaina Iqbal Phd. in Human Nutrition (McGill University), Post Doc Fellowship focused on Human Epidemiology (McMaster University), Associate Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences, AKU

She explained the audience about how to implement Evidence Based nutrition into practice, how to critically analyze research studies on various foods and how to recommend foods to be taken in daily life or in certain health conditions to their clients. She also highlighted the important role of media in guiding/misguiding public on large scale on various Food, nutrition and health related matters.

“Nutrigenetics and Personalized Nutrition in Developing Countries” Video Conference Session

Speaker: Dr.Vimal Karani Phd, Nutrigenomics, Assistant Professor, University of Reading UK Honorary Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology, University College London.

His lecture outlined the current scenario of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics research in developed and developing countries and also outlined several challenges involved if personalized nutrition was ever going to go mainstream. The take home message of his talk was ‘even if someone carries the obesity gene, it doesn’t mean that he/she is destined to become obese; they can overcome this genetic risk by improving their lifestyle such as consuming a healthy diet and doing more levels of physical activity’.

“Glycemia Targeted Specialized Nutrition and Life Style Modification in Diabetes”

Speaker: Saima Rasheed M.Sc(Nutrition) Registered Dietitian, National Medical Centre, Karachi

Third Speaker of the session was Ms.Saima Rasheed,Consultant Dietitian from National Medical Centre,Karachi,who talked about healthy life style modification in prevention and management of Diabetes  Speakers. PNDS members from Lahore, Islamabad and Faisalabad emphasized the establishment of certified Governmental body or National Nutrition and Dietetic Council to prevent nutrition & dietetic practice by nonqualified people endangering public health. PNDS is continuously reinforcing Govt. and higher authorities for the formation of National Nutrition and Dietetic Council.

Results of the Elections 2017 and new executive committee members were announced.

Winner of Nutrition and Dietetic Research Competition was announced and Prize was given to Ms. Mehreen Amir (Lecturer,School of Public Health Dow University of Health Sciences,Ojha Campus) by Nutrition Society UK.

Abbott Nutrition Division distributed 32 books to the winners of the lucky draw who participated in a quiz.PNDS acknowledges the support of Abbott nutrition Division for the support in organizing the program.