Saturday, 29th April 2017

“Update on Nutritional Management in Renal Disease”,

PNDS in  collaboration with Otsuka Pakistan at Arena Club, Karsaz Road, Karachi

First Presentation: “Nutritional Aspects of Chronic Kidney Disease”by  Dr. Talha Raza, Medical Advisor, Otsuka Pakistan.

 Second Presentation: “Nutritional Considerations in Renal Transplantation” by Sabeen Siddiqui, Clinical Dietitian, SlUT

Third Presentation: “Nutrition in Renal Stone Disease” by Noor Zehra Bilal, Registered Clinical Dietitian

Panel discussion: Kehkashan Zehra Hossain(Senior Clinical Dietitian,SIUT),Dr.Murtaza Dhrolia(Nephrologist,TKCI),Speakers of the session