Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Where Dietitian/Nutritionist work??
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Where Dietitian/Nutritionist work??

      Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists work in a diverse range of settings including:


  • Patient care: 

    Dietitians are responsible for assessing the nutritional needs of patients, planning appropriate diets and educating patients and their families.

  • Community nutrition and public health: 

    Nutritionists and Dietitians are involved in nutrition and health education programs. This can be at the local community level or for the population at a national level. Dietitians/nutritionists working in public health also assist with health planning, setting nutritional standards, and developing and implementing nutrition policies.

  • Food service and management: 

    Dietitians combine management skills and nutrition expertise when delivering food services in hospitals, nursing homes, meals on wheels, hospitality and catering. Dietitians also manage nutrition services and health programs.

  • Consultancy/private practice: 

    Dietitians/Nutritionists provide consultancy services to individuals, groups and organizations which include individual counseling, group programs, preventive health programs and nutrition education. Dietitians also prepare nutritional information for publication, work with the media and in public relations.

  • Sports: 

    Dietitians/nutritionists provide nutrition services to individual athletes and teams to support and enhance their athletic performance. Dietitians work with novice athletes and everyday active Pakistanis through to elite sportspeople in order to help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

  • Food industry: 

    Dietitians/nutritionists working in the food industry are involved in food regulatory issues (food law), food safety and quality systems, consumer and health professional education, nutrition research, product development, nutrition-related educational material development marketing and public relations.

  • Research and teaching

    Dietitians/nutritionists work as part of research teams investigating nutrition and health issues and developing practical nutrition recommendations. Dietitians/nutritionists are also involved in training student dietitians, doctors and other health professionals. Academic or research organization (e.g. University, college, institute) Advocacy association in the health field (e.g. Diabetes Association, Celiac Association, health professional association)

  • Other fields: 

    Dietitians/nutritionists are able to transfer their skills to other fields such as management, public relations, marketing, program management, communications, media, health promotion, policy development and information technology. Media, Pharmaceutical company or association, School Nutrition Programs, Military