Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Sana Minhas, MSc. Nutrition,Assist. Nutrition and Health Manager,Unilever
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Sana Minhas, MSc. Nutrition,Assist. Nutrition and Health Manager,Unilever

Sana Minhas, MSc. Nutrition,Assist. Nutrition and Health Manager,Unilever



Sana is 27, married and the youngest, most spoilt child of the family.
She used to hate getting up early in the morning like many of us, but
still managed to study, went to school. Then she wanted to become a
textile designer but ended up developing the love for food so
completed her master’s degree in food and nutrition securing 2nd
highest position and now she is a nutritionist helping people make
healthy choices worldwide.


After doing a 6 months Doctor awareness program, she got a job as a Nutrition and health manager at Unilever Pakistan Limited and since then she has been associated with the same organization. Her job involves working with regional team and provides local inputs. It also includes working with marketers and product developers to design nutrition communication in campaigns and engage with health influencers. It also entails managing nutrition and health issues and proactive agenda management.
What she like about her job and what excites and energizes her to come to work every day is the scale! Its huge. She thinks that as part of a food industry, our product reach billions of consumers every day, and if she manage to land some products that has some goodies or offers some health benefit, the kind of impact it actually results in is enormous. This is very empowering. Another great thing about this job is the diversity in cultures. She used to interact with people from different cultures, learn from them and that’s a very enriching experience for her.
As part of Unilever she won many awards on nutrition communication globally and have represented Pakistan at various regional and global forums which gives her immense pride.


As a person, she is creative and ambitious with big goals of excelling in the field of nutrition and health and creates huge impact. She is really inspired by the work Jamir Oliver is doing in foods revolution by introducing food and nutrition education in schools.
But! Yes there is a big fat but here. It hasn’t been all easy and on her journey till now, she has learnt some lessons which she would like to share with you so you make the best out it.


There are absolutely no shortcuts to success—not a single one. Most of the time we want quick fixes and easy and fast ways of reaching towards success or towards our goals but what really helps you succeed is hard work and perseverance. These are the only two tools that can take you to highest of peaks of success. You just have to take baby steps towards your goals and you’ll soon reach there.

Its always good to get the knowledge, but the real deal is when you put things into practice and trust me that is where the real learning lies. Open yourself up to new experiences and that’ll make you an all new person and yes always do what you love other vise you will never be able to give your 100%

No matter what field you are or what job you are doing, what work you have. Continuous improvement is critical. Never settle after just getting the degree, keep improving yourself. Because no matter how much you learn, there will always be something new for you. So keep those inner fires kindling.

Now this learning doesn’t have to be more books, more studies, it can even be experiences. Another advice would be since nutrition and health is niche as a field per se, not a lot of people know about our capabilities. So it is important that you proactively look for opportunities and grab them instead of waiting for somebody to introduce you to it.

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