Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | First CNE: Lahore Chapter
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First CNE: Lahore Chapter


Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society

Lahore Chapter

Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE) Session

 17th February,  2015

Topic : “Food Security and Current Situation in Pakistan ”


Speaker: Sumaira Naseem MSc Nutrition, MPH (Australia)

 Report prepared by: Shazia Zahra, CNE Coordinator

Sponsored by: Nestle Health Sciences

Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society  Lahore Chapter organized its first CNE session on 17th Feb 2015.Session was followed by RDN certificate awarding ceremony with participation of  45 members.

Prof. Ghazala Pervez Zaman awarded the certificates and delivered a motivational talk to the young members. The event was very well attended.

Lecture was delivered through a pre-recorded CD by Ms. Sumaira Naseem. Ms. Sumaira Naseem is a Public Health Nutritionist; she did MSc in Human Nutrition from Peshawar and has recently completed her Master’s in Public Health from Australia.

She spoke about the concept of food security all over the world with a focus on current situation in Pakistan that how food security affects the vulnerable groups of our population specially women & children who are affected by malnutrition at a vast scale. She also highlighted the role of  Nutrition and Dietetic Professionals  in strategic planning on individual and community levels .She suggested how partnerships with food industries, educational institutes, media, special interest groups, advocacy  campaigns, use of social media, group education sessions, community base  nutrition counseling can  help in improving current food security situation in Pakistan.

Pre-reading material had been mailed to PNDS members with expectation that the material will help the participants to come well prepared for the session. Qualifying the post-session quiz & attending CNE is equivalent to 1 credit. Those who wish to claim the credit had to leave the quiz sheet with the CNE Committee Members; other could take it home for self-evaluation. For out of town members power point presentation and the quiz will be uploaded soon on our website and those who attempted the quiz and send it back would get 0.5 credit. Feedback of the participants will help us to include more relevant topics and to improve our sessions in future.

Token of thanks was given by Prof. Ghazala Pervez, Chapter Incharge PNDS.Lhr Pic1

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