Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | PNDS Lahore Chapter CNE 2015-2016
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PNDS Lahore Chapter CNE 2015-2016

11th Continuing Nutrition Education (5th Aug 2016)

on  “ Stress, Obesity and its Dietary Management”


Dr Sohail started the session with explaining the role of stress on body & mind. He elaborated the role of hormones in stress on human psyche. Dietitian Mehak Hameed was presenting in place of RD Maria Nadeem as she had sprained her ankle. Ms Mehak Hameed elaborated the impacts of stress on eating habits and how it leads to obesity. She told about the foods and nutrients that are helpful in relieving stress. Another psychiatrist of Rainbow Center, Ms Amina Iftikhar, told about some relaxation techniques to combat stress. Participants were asked to gauge their usual stress eating habits through a stress scale.

The number of participants was 40, including RDs and students

Post session quiz distributed and was attempted in about 15 minutes.

The sponsors, Familia, delivered a presentation about their newly launched highly nutritious product, Muesli. It was served to the participants to taste its rich flavor and appreciate its nutritional value.

Quiz paper was discussed.

Mrs Saira Hayat awarded certificates to the speakers and gave token of thanks to the participants, organizers, the sponsors and everybody who helped in conducting this session successfully.

The session ended followed by evening tea & buffet.








“Meal Planning Strategies in Diabetes”

24th Feb 2016

for Presentation click Image




Continuing Nutrition Education (17th Aug 2015)

Topic: “ Nutritional Anemias”

Click image for presentation

nutritional anemias

Speaker: Shifa Ali,Clinical Dietitian, RD ,Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Lahore

Organized by: Rebecca Tarar, CNE co-coordinator

Sponsors: La-Vie (Pvt) Ltd.

PNDS, Lahore conducted this CNE on 17th August. A total of 30 people attended including RDs, members and non members. RD, Rebecca Tariq hosted the session.Pre reading material had been emailed to participants a week ago. Participants seemed to be prepared regarding the topic.

The speaker, Shifa Ali, spoke about the alarming rise in anemia in Pakistan especially Iron deficiency anemia. She elaborated the parameters for the early and late diagnosis. The causes & the target susceptible groups were discussed. She elucidated on the treatment, both dietary and through supplementation. She discussed the various methods through which iron absorption can be enhanced in a well balanced meal. Different forms of supplements & their efficacy were discussed. She talked on megaloblastic anemias & contributory roles of some other nutrients in anemias.

Participants actively participated with their questions, comments, their own experiences & additional information.Post session quiz was given,which the participants attempted in about 15 minutes.Amina Chughtai told about Food & Nutrition Week in UVAS to be held in November.Quiz paper was discussed.Mrs Saira Hayat renewed some memberships. Prof. Ghazala Pervez appreciated the CNE session & the efforts behind it and thanked all the participants, sponsors and the organizers.

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Continuing Nutrition Education (CNE)

September 2015


“Health Perspectives of Sodium Intake”