Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Membership Renewal
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Membership Renewal

Keep Your Membership Status Active In Order To Maintain Your RDN Status And To Keep Your Self Updated With PNDS Activities.

Society’s Membership Year Runs From July 1st To June 31st ,Regardless Of When Members Join

Membership Renewal Policy 2015

In order to streamline membership renewals, the following policies have been decided upon the PNDS Executive Committee

  • Default members updating their status within two years will not be charged but they will have to pay 100% of the fees for past two years in order to become active members again.
  • However, the members discontinuing their membership for more than two years without informing will have to pay 100% of dues.
  • If any member informs the society that he/she will be inactive for any reason for a specific period of time, then he/she will be considered a member in “Good Standing” and have to pay 50% of the fees due for the years they were inactive upon joining back.

Cessation of Membership: Any member in good standing may withdraw from the PNDS by notifying his/her intention of doing so in a letter addressed to General Secretary. Such a member shall be eligible for becoming a member again. Any member whose subscription is in arrears for one year and who has continued to be in default for three months after being duly notified shall cease to be a member of PNDS. Such members will be eligible for renewal of their membership after payment of the arrears decided by the Executive Committee.


Step 1: Visit the website and open the page of membership renewal as mentioned in the snapshot.














Step 2: Fill in the form. Sample filled form image is given below.






























Step 3: After attachment of deposit fee receipt enter verification no and click submit.


















For further information email us at

For Membership Renewal, fill in the following form and submit.

Online Membership Renewal

  • (In case of bank transfer you need to attach the copy of deposited slip or image/snap shot of the money transfer as proof of payment): SONERI BANK LIMITED AKU Branch Karachi (0024) PAKISTAN NUTRITION AND DIETETIC SOCIETY ACCOUNT No.:20000057418 ACCOUNT TYPE: PKR Current Deposit IBAN No.: PK15SONE0002420000057418