Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | World Heart Day 2011
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World Heart Day 2011



“One world, one home, one heart“.

Sept 2011


PNDS celebrated World heart day in collaboration with Tabba Heart Institute (THI) & Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS).


PNDS in collaboration with Tabba Heart Institute

Two activities were planned at Tabba Heart Institute.

On 24th September 2011, Saima Rasheed (Consultant Dietitian) delivered a talk on “Nutrition intervention in the prevention of Heart Diseases”. The audience comprised THI physicians, paramedic staff & nurses. The other two speakers were Dr.Khawar Kazmi & Dr. Basheer Hanif (Consultant Cardiologists)


On 29th September, a public awareness session was organized at Atrium of Tabba Heart Institute. Faiza Shoiab (Consultant Nutritionist) presented her talk titled “Eating for healthy Heart”


On the 29th PNDS also had a stall for public visiting .The stall exhibited healthy food options vs unhealthy food options. This was managed with the help of volunteer PNDS members.





PNDS in collaboration with Dow University of Health Science (DUHS)


On 30th September 2011  Dr. Salma H Badruddin presented her talk “How to keep your heart Young” on behalf of PNDS at Araag Auditorium, main campus of DUHS .Other speakers of the session were Dr. Zahid Jamal (Associate Prof. NICVD) ,Dr. Azhar Farooqui (Ex. Director, NICVD), Dr. Nabeela Soomro, (Director, IPMNR), Dr.Raza-ur-Rehman (Dept.of Psychiatry,DUHS) &Professor Khan Shah Zaman (Director, NICVD). Prof.M.Saleem Ilyas(Director, Professional Develepment Centre, DUHS) & Dr.Masood Hameed Khan(Chairman, DUHS) & Prof.Khalida Soomro were among the panelists.