Lt.Cdr Rabia Anwer

M.Sc (Foods & Nutrition), R.D

Dietitian, PNS SHIFA
President,Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society(2017-2019)

Ltcdr Rabia Anwer joined PNDS Executive Committee in 2013 as General Sect. PNDS. She is working in PNS Shifa as dietitian. She joined Pakistan Navy in 1997 and was among the pioneer dietitians in the military hospital setup. She established and redesigned the hospital food service department according to the patient’s therapeutic requirements. She manages the diets of the hospitalized patients as well as hold OPD Clinics. She is also a part of teaching faculty for PNS shifa Nursing School.Recently enrolled in MSPH Program in Jinnah Sind Medical University Karachi. (Completed 2 semesters).She also plan the weekly menus for PN submariners, Aviators, commandos and undersea divers on regular basis.She began her career as Nutritionist in a private Slimming Clinic in Lahore , she worked there for a year .She did her internship in The Kidney Centre PGTI Karachi.She  earned her Master degree from Rana Liaquat Ali Khan College of Home Economics Karachi in 1995.

Summary of contribution Year and duration of involvement





Study on Effects of Counseling & IDPN (Intra dialytic Parenteral Nutrition) on the Nutritional Status of Malnourished Dialysis patients.

Study on Association between Obesity and Low Serum Vitamin D Concentrations in Healthy Adult females: A Public Health Perspective


2 month research study in the KIDNEY CENTRE KARACHI

( thesis )



Published in JBUMDC 2015; 5(4): 196-200

Teaching Delivering lectures on Applied Nutrition to Nursing cadets & Medical Technicians  1999-2017
Community nutrition education (face to face or

through electronic or print media)


Lectures on disease prevention and healthy diet  in different Naval residential estates and units. 2000-2017
Dietary counseling


OPD Clinics and inpatient diet counseling. 1998-2017
Nutrition care of critically ill patients


Daily round with multidisciplinary team of ICU & CCU . Management of patients on tube feeding and TPN. 1999-2017
Food service management


Managing hospital food service system, planning cycle menu for patients. Handling patient’s complaints. 2000-2017
Quality control of dietary or nutritional products


Contributes in the selection of quality ration ad supplements for hospitalized patients . 2000-2017
Food/Nutrition related Policy making have contributed in the policy making of hospital food & diet

System of naval hospitals.