Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | ANNUAL GENERAL BODY MEETINGS (AGBM)
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Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) Is Held At Least Once A Year.

The Aims Of AGBM Are

  • To provide updated information about the progress of PNDS throughout the year
  • To give financial update of PNDS
  • To brief about the future plans for PNDS
  • To discuss steps to foster and broaden the sphere of PNDS

In addition to the AGBM other General Body Meeting (GBM) may be called as deemed necessary at 15 days notice. Extra ordinary General Body Meeting (EGBM) can be called at a notice of 24 hours, if five members make a written request to the General Secretary.

The date, time and place of these meetings are determined by the Executive Committee.

The following rules shall be applicable to all the General Meetings of the Society:

  • Notice of one month is given to the AGBM.
  • One third of the members shall form a quorum. In case quorum is not completed, the meeting will be adjourned for half an hour.
  • Adjourned meeting shall be held at the same place after due notice. The usual quorum is not necessary for such meeting.
  • The non-receipt of notice of the meeting by any members, when there is proof of delivery shall not invalidate the proceedings of such a meeting.
  • The President or in his absence, the Vice President of the Society shall take the chair at the GBMs. In case of the two being absent any one of the Executive Committee members present may be selected by those present to Chair the meeting.
  • No amendment, for which due notice of 15 days in advance has not given shall be discussed at the GBMs.
  • The recognized method of voting shall be by secret ballot.
  • In the event of equal votes on either side, President or Presiding Chair will have the right of casting the decisive vote.