Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | CNE(2017-19)
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58th CNE session on 23rd December,2017


Diabetes and its Holistic Management: What’s There, What’s New and What’s Needed?


Speaker: Dr.Asefa Shariq,Senior Medical Officer ,Endocrinology,Agha
Khan University Hospital
Speaker: Moti Khan,Senior Dietitian,Acting Assistant Manager,Nutrition Section,AKUH
The Dr Asefa discussed current trends in the management of type 1 and 11 diabetes  , different  drug agents for diabetes management, situations in which insulin use is essential , Moti  Khan talked about  maintaining  body weight goals and attaining  individualized glycemic, blood pressure, and lipid goals.About 75 participants attended the session.
Venue: Seminar Room, The Kidney Centre PGTI


59th CNE on 27th January 2018


Overview of Pediatric Oncology Nutrition


Speaker: Dr Sadaf Altaf ,Assistant Professor Pediatric Oncology,Aga Khan University Hospital


Speaker: Hira Farooq,Pediatric Clinical Dietitian,Aga Khan University Hospital,Karachi


Dr  Sadaf  discussed type of cancers  in children ,  risk factors of malnutrition  during treatment, Hira Farooq dwelled on nutritional care and importance of nutrition support , drug nutrient interactions , and Neutropenic diet  formulations , overall the session was very interactive  and informative .


Venue: Executive Dinning Hall,AKUH


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60th CNE on 28th , April , 2018




Speakers : Ms. Yusra Khalid , Senior Food Safety Officer , AKUH .


Ms Yusra Khalid , has experience of multiple institutes and has conducted more than 500 audits , she is ISO certified lead auditor , she has to her credit HACCP/FSMS projects for  ENGRO Foods ,Pak Suzuki, Shifa International Hospital Islamabad, Pakistan Printing Press, Habib University, Serena Hotel.


She went over various requirements of having HACCP compliance in hospital food service, from CCPs to vendor inspection , she explained document requirements and gave practical examples to reinforce key points .



61st CNE on 30th June 2018

“Healthy Infant Gut Microbiome Leading way to healthy Adulthood”

Speaker:Dr. Sina Aziz,Professor, Pediatrics and PICU Abbasi Shaheed Hospital,Karachi

Speaker: Mozamila Saeed Mughal,Senior Clinical Dietitian

 Venue: Executive Dining Hall (EDH) ,Aga Khan University Hospital

Dr Sina discussed the importance of mode of delivery , antibiotics and hospitalization impact on gut microbiome , mozamila focused on importance of lactation , probiotics and prebiotics, HMO and latest researches   on importance of healthy gut microbes and disease prevention .

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62nd CNE Session On 29th September,2018

“Fat and Cholesterol –The Biggest Medical Controversy Cleared “.

Speaker: Marium Sheikh ,Sr. Clinical Dietitian,Head of Dietary Division, Tabba Heart Institute

The speaker talked about Low Fat, Food Guide Pyramid, Dietary Guidelines, Egg Mystery, Trans Fats and Myths about Coconut Oil. 84 people attended the CNE.

Venue: Auditorium ,First Floor  Medicare Cardiac  and General Hospital , Main Shaheed-e- Millat Road ,Karachi.

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63rd CNE on  27th October  , 2018

“PCO: Focus On Early Adolescence For Prevention”

By:Dr Khadija Humayun,Associate Professor and Pediatric Endocrinologist,Department   Pediatric and Child Health,Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

Erum Jhumra,Senior Clinical Nutritionist

Samina Adam Umer,Registered Dietitian,ACE Certified GFI

Venue: Lecture Hall, The Kidney Centre PGTI

Dr Khatija’s  talk was focused on PCO related clinical signs starting in early childhood and how to identify them, the dietary counseling part was dealt by Erum Jhumra , she did case based  discussaion . The session was ended by Samina Adam with discussion on physical activity parameters .

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Nutrition Diagnosis and Intervention for Obesity


64th CNE on 24th November 2018

“Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss”
Follow or Not to Follow that is The Question 

Speaker: Mozamila Saeed ,Sr. Clinical Dietitian

2nd Topic: “Practical Tips on Daily Physical Activity”   

Speaker: Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz, Assistant Professor ,IPMR,DUHS,HOD- DUHS Fitness & Sports Rehab Centre

VENUE: Auditorium ,First Floor  Medicare Cardiac  and General Hospital , Main Shaheed-e- Millat Road

Mozamila discussed the  biochemistry of Kreb cycle, side effects of KD regime , therapeutic uses of KD in seizures, cancer , autism and neurological disorders, Dr Sarfarz discussed the basics of physical activity and did interactive session of warm-up exercise  with participants .

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65th CNE on 5th January 2019

“Communication Skills: Essential Tools for Dietitians”

Speaker: Sidra Raza,Clinical Dietitian,Agha Khan University Hospital and Student MBA ,CBM

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