Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | MMN 2018 KHI
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MMN 2018 KHI


PNDS Karachi has organized various activities during March Nutrition Month 2018 under the theme of “Spot Light on Women’s Health” across all Pakistan.A series of Seminars were organized on Bone Health,Nutritional Anemia and Current Trends in Obesity Management at KSBL Auditorium,Karachi.




Saturday,3rd March 2018

Spotlight on Bone health

The first session on theme of “Spotlight on Women Health ” dealt with Bone health , the Physician Speaker  Dr Aysha Habib ,Associate professor Aga Khan University Hospital , highlighted the role  of normal bone Physiology and in comparison with bones having degeneration, which risk factor bring about negative changes , she highlighted the situation in Pakistan in relation to prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency .

Speaker Dealing with nutritional aspect was Ms Mozamila Saeed former nutrition head of department at Aga Khan University Hospital , she dwell on latest studies dealing with nutritional factors that compromise the bone turnover and leads to deficiencies.

Her session was followed by a case presentation done by Ms Maryam Sheikh from Tabba , she described the OPD management of osteoporotic case . Her session was followed by an interactive session done by Dr Mohammad Sarfaraz , head of department  of DUHS , he explained various types of activities dealing with geriatric population along with normal healthy individual’s physical activities.

Session was attended by more than 80 participants.Otsuka Japan and Nutribloom sponsored the program.

For viewing the presentations click here



Osteoporosis Case Study – 3.3.18


Saturday,17th March, 2018

 Spotlight on Nutritional Anemia  

The second  session on theme of “Spotlight on Women Health ” dealt with Nutritional Anemia  , the Physician Speaker  Dr Bushra Moiz , Professor of Section of Hematology and transfusion Medicine , Aga Khan University Hospital , she elaborated in detail the role of  Erythropoiesis and metabolism of hemoglobin , Classification of anemiaHow does the body adapt to anemia ,  she shared two cases to reinforce the various aspects of iron deficiency anemia ,the question answer session after her talk was very interactive.

Nutritional aspect of iron deficiency management was  discussed by Kehkashan Zehra , senior dietitian from SIUT, she shared various myths  associated with foods in relation to iron content.The third speaker was  Sidra Nasim from Indus Hospital , she summarized the management of iron deficiency anemia  by case profile discussion , the highlight of her talk was iron supplementation calculation.

Session was attended by more than 100 participants. Program was sponsored by Nutricia.

For viewing the presentations click here.


Anaemia patho

anemia CS


Saturday,31st March,2018

 Current Trends in Obesity Management:Special focus on Nutritional and Surgical Interventions

The third  session on theme of “Spotlight on Obesity management  ” was led by Dr. Musarat Riaz from BIDE ,she highlighted the increasing burden of obesity globally and situation in Pakistan is worse with 26 % of population been type 2 diabetic ,with every 3 people been at risk of pre-diabetes , the nutrition expert leading the talk was Erum Jhumra , her talk was focused on case profiles she had successfully lead to weight reduction . Dr Shahid Rasool , bariatric surgeon from NMC , talked about the most common procedures for weight reduction , their safety aspects and short term and long term complications, the last talk was on dietary management after  bariatric  surgery, Saima  Rasheed described pre and post surgical procedure diets in detail , the overall session was interactive .More than 89 participants attended the session.

Program was sponsored by PharmEvo Pvt.Ltd.

Obesity .pptx FINAL Dr. Musarat Riaz

Metabolic Syndrome MNM2018…/Metabolic-Syndrome-MNM2018.pdf