Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | PEN – Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition
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PEN – Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition

About PEN

Health professionals, including dietitians, are constantly faced with the challenge of staying up to date with the current science in food and nutrition in an ever-changing environment. PEN (Practice-based Evidence in Nutrition) is an innovative knowledge translation tool developed by Dietitians of Canada. It is a searchable, dynamic database which is designed to provide health professionals particularly dietitians with accessible, current, evidence based advice across the diverse practice areas of dietetics. PEN, the Global Resource for Nutrition Practice, is designed as a series of knowledge pathways. The knowledge pathways include evidence based practice questions, evidence summaries and links to relevant tools and resources. To familiarise yourself with the features and organization of PEN, you can complete PEN orientation tutorials available on the homepage.

International definition of ‘evidence-based dietetic practice’

Can I trial PEN?

A free trial of PEN is available to everyone. This gives you the chance to try out the features of the dynamic database. To sign up for a free trial visit the PEN website.

How much does PEN subscription cost?

Individual and group subscriptions are available for PEN. For members of PNDS, an individual and group annual subscription to PEN is available.

PNDS members may avail  PEN group subscription at the rate of 15$ / year  as a special group subscription offer.