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Pnds has organized various seminars on the role of nutrition in health and diseases since 2003.


  • Series Of Seminars 2004: “Role Of Nutrition In The Prevention & Management Of Non-Communicable Diseases”

  • Seminars Series 2006: “Women’s Nutrition And Health”

  • 12th March 2012: Seminar On “Nutrition Support In Critical Care” 

  • 29th June 2013: Nutrition Research Symposium 2013


Seminar Series2004 on NonCommunicable Diseases.


“Role of Nutrition in the prevention & Management of  Non-Communicable Diseases’




 Which diet works, Physical activity, sound approach to weight management and medical consequences? Around 60 participants attended the session including health professionals and general public


pic 1



Diabetes Prevalence, Nutritional issues in special groups and Maximizing Nutrition Intervention in Diabetes.

Around 84 participants attended the session


pic 2



Dash Diet , Pathophysiology & nutritional management of hypertension.


73 participants


pic 3

April 3, 2004: Seminar on Coronary Heart Diseases


Epidemiology and nutritional management of Hyper-lipidemias & CHD


77 participants attended the seminar.


pic 4

CNE Seminar Series2006


Women’s Nutrition and Health: March to April 2006


Organized jointly by Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society & Aga Khan University on the current scientific position regarding medical & nutritional management on topics relevant to women’s health.


Endocrine & Eating Disorders:


Speakers: Expert speakers included Dr. Lubna Zuberi,Endocrinologist, Dr. Saiqa Khan, Clinical Psychologist & Nilofer F. Safdar, Nutritionist.


Medical and Nutritional management strategies for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa & other Eating Disorders were discussed.133 participants attended the session including Nutritionist, Clinical Dietitian Physicians, Students and other health care providers.

Osteoporosis & Bone Health


Dr Zaki Idrees, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Aysha Khan Chemical Pathologist, Dr. Sohail Exercise Specialist and Dr. Salma Badruddin addressed.



Approximately 150 participants including various health care professionals on issues of pathaphysiology of bone diseases, importance of exercise .and role of Calcium ,Vitamin D & other nutrients  on prevention and management of Bone diseases

Reproductive Health


Physiology and Nutritional Management of Pregnancy, Lactation and Gestational Diabetes was elaborated to a group of 140 participants by renowned Health Specialist like Dr. Rahat Qureshi , Consultant

Gynecologist, Dr. Ghazala Rafique Diabetoligist and Nutritionist Sumaira Naseem Saima Rasheed.




Dr. Shaista Khan, General Surgeon enlightened the audience on Chemo Prevention and evolving entity in Breast Cancer.Epidemiological evidence on the Role of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention was enumerated by Sadia Zubair, Nutrition Researcher.


Ayesha Zahid Khan, Nutritionist talked about the importance of Good Nutrition in “ Cancer Survivorship”


12th March 2012, Islamabad Club, Islamabad

PNDS organized a seminar in collaboration with B Braun Pakistan.Session was started with the welcome note by Dr. Salma H. Badruddin, Honorary life president, PNDS. Dr. Rubina Hakeem,President,PNDS presented activities of PNDS since 2003 with the participants.


Ist Session: “Importance of Nutrition in Critical Care & need for Multi-disciplinary   approach” 


Speaker: Dr.Nilofer F. Safdar


2nd Session: “Nutritional   Assessment   & Monitoring    of Critically ill Patients”


SpeakerDr. Rezzan Khan, Consultant Nutritionist Shifa International Hospital.


3rd Session: “Nutrition: A Surgeon’s perspective, Medical aspect of Critical care, delivery related options, procedures & complications.


Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hamid Hassan, Holy family hospital Rawalpindi


Program was ended with the certificates & shield distribution among the participants & the speakers of the program followed by Lunch.About 85 participants including physicians, surgeons, dietitians & Nutritionists from Islamabad & it was really appreciated by all participants who attended the session. PNDS will continue holding such programs in future in other cities of Pakistan, InshaAllah.


From Left-Right: Fayza Khan, Dr Rezzan Khan,


Khan, Dr.Runina Hakeem, Dr.Hamid Hassan, Dr Nilofer Safdar, Ali Asif