Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Corporate Opportunities
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Corporate Opportunities


To advance society’s mission of empowering members to be the food and nutrition leaders, corporate sponsorship program allows for purposeful collaboration with food and nutrition organizations. Main objectives of such programs are

  • To work with industry to build awareness of the society and its members
  • To share science-based information, new research and industry trends in food and nutrition with members
  • To enable the society to reach millions of consumers with healthy eating messages


Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society welcome corporate relationships that help the society fulfill its mission and vision. For PNDS, relationships with sponsors are not about promoting their products or services, but rather about creating nutrition messages that people can understand and act upon to improve their health and that of their families. The society adheres to and enforces the following principles in its relationships with sponsors:

1. Adherence and commitment to the society’s mission, vision, positions and policies

Society’s sponsors are committed to the mission and vision of the society. Each sponsor’s objectives reflect this commitment and are aligned with the society’s strategic goals.

2. Scientific Accuracy

All sponsor materials, presentations and information shared with members are internally reviewed for scientific accuracy, adherence with the society’s positions and policies and for audience appropriateness. This review is by a team of society’s staff members as well as non-staff member experts on areas of specialization when necessary.

3. Non-endorsement

The society does not endorse any brand, company product or service. The society will authorize no commercial use of the name and logo that would diminish that value or damage that reputation. The society requires that the sponsor be clearly identified on all such materials bearing the society’s name. Clear separation of society messages and content from brand information or promotion.

4. Non-influence

The society’s programs, leadership, decisions, policies and positions are not influenced by sponsors.

The society’s procedures and formal agreements with external organizations are designed to prevent any undue corporate influence.


The use of terms sponsors, collaborators and technical support seekers should be used judiciously by the company /institutions/NGO. Program, speakers and terms and condition for each (sponsors, collaborators and technical support seeker) must be approved by PNDS EC.

Sponsors: Companies providing financial or logistic support for PNDS events.

Collaborators: Companies / NGO’s / Institutions providing sharing objectives and having programs to fulfill specific shared objectives.

Technical Support seekers: Companies seeking support from PNDS in relation to literature, facts, recruitment, training etc. for their own programs.

PNDS name will not be allowed to use for projects and programs other than for which collaboration is agreed upon .For agreed joint projects each must share all the detail with each other. Editing or modification of literature or rustles provided could not be allowed if PNDS name/ Logo is being used. A copy of publication program where PNDS input issued should be provided.