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EC More Info

More About EC

The affairs and business of the PNDS is conducted and managed by the Executive Committee (EC). The rules and regulations and any amendments thereof, is made by the PNDS with a majority of vote by those present at the Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM).

The Executive Committee has nine members elected by the general body once every two years. Office Bearers are decided by the consensus of Executive Committee members. They may not serve for more than 2 consecutive terms in the same position but can be re-elected after a break. The Executive Committee has the right to co-opt ex officio members.

Executive Committee Modi Operandi:

  • To follow rules and procedures as specified in PNDS bye laws and modify when required.
  • To formulate sub-committee/s and conduct required PNDS various tasks.
  • To conduct regular Executive Committee and General Body meetings.
  • To be responsible for financial dealings of PNDS and shall have full authority to administer and control the funds of the PNDS.
  • To maintain PNDS accounts.
  •  To have the accounts audited annually

Meetings of Executive Committee

It is mandatory for all nine Executive Committee members to meet once in a quarter. EC meeting will also take place few days prior to an event organized by PNDS in order to have a sound execution. The main objectives of EC meeting are:

  • To discuss about  general matters related to PNDS
  • To chart progress of PNDS
  • To brainstorm ideas for upcoming proje

Rules for Executive Committee Meeting

  • It shall meet at least once in a quarter.
  • Four members, one of whom should be an office bearer, shall form a quorum.
  • Participation in Executive Committee discussions by correspondence shall be valid in case the member is unable to attend by valid reasons of his/her being away from the venue of meeting. The correspondence shall be considered but the decisions of those present shall be final.
  • The agenda of the meeting shall be circulated a fortnight in advance of the date of the meeting.
  • The minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of the Executive Committee shall be recorded. Every Minutes signed by an office bearer of the Executive Committee present at the meeting to which it relates, shall be sufficient evidence of the facts therein stated.
  • Non-attendance for three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee, without showing any reasonable cause, shall disqualify the member from membership of the committee.
  • Vacancies in the Executive Committee shall be filled by nomination by the Executive Committee.