Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | ISLAMABAD MARCH NUTRITION MONTH ACTIVITIES 2015
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To celebrate March as Nutrition month Islamabad Chapter PNDS arranged different Nutrition awareness activities in Islamabad e.g free camping in schools (Beacon House I-8 Islamabad &GSIS Islamabad) seminar for general Public, Symposium & through print and electronic media


Free Nutrition Camping in Schools.

Dr Rezzan Khan chapter in charge Islamabad arrange some awareness activities in different schools of Islamabad.

                        On 11th March 2015 awareness session was arranged in Globle School of Integrated System, In this clinical Dietitian of Shifa International Hospital  Miss Saba Tanveer delivered session on importance of Breakfast to  school kids  .She explained the importance of healthy life style and unhealthy aspects of junk food. Healthy lunch practice for all children which help them to improve heath for better future. At the end mini assessment of school children were done through dietary questionnaire

                        On 12th March 2015 Miss Afsheen Hassan awareness sessions on “Bite into a healthy life styles” in Beacon house I-8/2 branch. Targeted  ordinance were the parents. In this session she highlighted the important of healthy life style, serving size and the importance of Balance diet. She further explained about eating disorders among children. At the end of the session questioning answer session was done. Children eating pattern was also assessed with the help of questionnaire.


Session on “Micro nutrient Deficiency in ICU patients” at CMH Hospital Rawalpindi:

                        On 12th March 2015 at CMH Hospital Rawalpindi arrange a symposium on micro nutrient importance Dr. Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritional and HOD of Clinical Nutrition Department chapter in charge Islamabad talked about the importance of micro nutrients in ICU patients among Other speakers were Mrs Mussarat Butti Dietitian in CMH,MR Saeed Qadir Nutrition Coordinator in UNICEF,Mrs Aiza Umer.. At the end of session shields were distributed among speakers and certificates in participant.


Session on “Sleep Deprivation and Obesity”at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Rawalpindi:

                        On 14th March 2015 a session was organized at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Rawalpindi” on healthy life style  Dr. Rezzan Khan Consultant Nutritional and HOD of Clinical Nutrition from Shifa International Hospital talk about how weight management is linked with sleeping disorder .Target audience in this seminar were heath professional paramedic  staff and general public.

Media Campaign:

                        On 28th March,2015 Dr. Rezzan Khan wrote  an article in English newspaper . The news and she was also invited at a TV show with  Miss Zainab Ghayoor and Miss Saba Tanveer on PTV world channel. Senior Clinical Dietitian Miss Zainab Ghayoor also wrote articles on balance diet and role of diet in depression for Shifa heath magazine.

International Health Day


          To celebrate  international health day Mrs hajra Ahmed Assist Professor in Allama Iqbal University member of Islamabad Chapter arranged a seminar Role Of Nutrition In Healthy life Style on 9th March 2015, she  talk about the management of diabetes through diet. Another speaker Dr Rezzan Khan discuss about cognitive behavior and Weight Management .At the end of seminar shields were distributed


Free Nutrition Camp

                  On 17 March 2015 Shifa International hospital arrange free Nutrition Camp for a multinational Oil company “Weather Ford”. Clinical Dietitian Miss Brirah Altaf RD. conducted an awareness session about “Balance diet and healthy life style” and free nutrition camp for the employee.