Meena Iqbal

Information for Introductory Profile
Name: Meena Iqbal
Current Job Title: Assistant Manager
Institution: The Indus Hospital
Nutrition Related Expertise
Qualification: Public Health (Community Nutrition), M.Sc. Food and Nutrition 2012 – 2014
CPD Activities: Online courses, CNE, CME, National and International Conferences
Contribution to the field of nutrition:
Trained at Aga Khan University 2011
Research: Macronutrient intake and its association with the risk factors of micro and- macrovascular complications among type 2 diabetes subjects  and                                              Association of perceived stress with iabetes self-management practices 2016 / 2011
E news paper article 2014
Voluntary collaboration with the Diabetes Prevention Program in Pakistan 2012
Voluntary work at the Nutriton camp at Thar 2015
Potentials for Collaborating
Length of Association Lifelong
Time available to attend PNDS meeting Will attend all
Ease in commuting for EC meeting Yes
Ability to communicate through email High
Ability to communicate through skype High
Ability to communicate through SMS High