Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | About PNDS
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About PNDS

PNDS was established in 2003. The Society aims to represent, promote and advance the science and profession of nutrition in order to achieve better nutritional status for the population in Pakistan. Alhamdulillah! PNDS is now representing more than 300 members. Many of them work as dietitians and nutritionists in private and public sector.  PNDS is a professional organization run on a purely non-commercial basis with no political and religious agendas


  1. To promote the development of the dietetic and nutrition profession, by keeping abreast with the knowledge in the area of dietetics and nutrition and by providing a platform for collective action as a profession.
  2. To provide a consultative forum to the Government of Pakistan (GOP) on matters of policy and future planning for nutrition programs and dietary guidelines for the Pakistani population.
  3. To advice on suitable courses for the training of dietitians and nutritionists and provide continuing education courses to professionals in the field
  4. To participate in the formation and continuing revision of education standards for eligibility to practice as Dietitians and Nutritionists
  5. To set up national and international collaboration for nutrition and dietetic research and educational activities in Pakistan and the region.
  6. To form strategic alliances and associations with like-minded organizations to promote knowledge and awareness of diet and nutrition across Pakistan