21st Continuing Nutrition Education 5th May 2018

Topic: How to write a research article

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Faiza Kamal, RD ,MS, CHN, PGD in Dietetics, M.Sc. Foods & Nutrition

Registered Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist,Shalamar Hospital

Sponsors: Nestle Nutrition

As the emphasis on research and its publication is increasing, this CNE session was much needed one. Ms. Faiza Kamal elaborated how to convert one’s research into an article, pinpointing the common mistakes done in the procedure. She told journal selection and the do’s and don’ts for acceptance of article. The session was concluded by Mrs Ghazala Pervez, Lahore PNDS chapter head.




20th Continuing Nutrition Education held on 14th Apr 2018
: Malnutrition: Understanding the Dilemma

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Sidra Arslan, RD ,Former Dietitian AKUH, Karachi

Sponsors: Nestle Health Nutrition

Malnutrition in hospitalized patients is still the hidden skeleton in the closet, affecting a large number of admissions.The speaker discussed the causes and effects of malnutrition and practical solutions through her experience.

Pre and post session tests were taken to gauge how much was retained by audience.Ms Rebecca was attending to any queries related to memberships. Mrs Ghazala concluded the session with token of thanks.


19thContinuing Nutrition Education (17th Mar2018)

Topic: Nutritional Counselling: How to Ensure Change

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Mariam Khan, RDN ,Online Nutrition Consultant,M.Sc. Nutrition (College of Home Economics, Pakistan)

Sponsors: Otsuka Pakistan

It is an integral part of nutrition care process to provide nutritional counseling to the clients. But for bringing a change in clients’ behavior and motivating for lifestyle modifications, demands effective counseling techniques. Mariam Khan elaborated all the steps, with examples, involved in the process of nutritional counseling.

The participants’ feedback was very appreciative and encouraging.Post session quiz was attempted & discussed.Mrs. Ghazala gave her views on the topic & concluded the session with a note of thanks for the speaker & organizers.