Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | LHR CHAPTER CNEs 2017-2019
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LHR CHAPTER CNEs 2017-2019

24th CNE  on 5th January  , 2019

On ” Essential Fatty Acids”

Speaker: Shifa Amna Ali, RDN

Venue:   Ittefaq Hospital, LahoreOrganizer:      Rebecca Tariq, RDN

Click here to view the presentation Essential Fatty Acids

23rd CNE Workshop held on 27th Oct 2018

Topic ” Parental Nutrition Management”


Ms. Sidra Arslan RD (Former Dietitian AKU Khi)

Ms. Amina Chughtai RD (Lecturer Dept FS&HN, UVAS, Lhr)

Venue: Auditorium Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore



22nd CNE held  on Saturday,23rd June 2018

 Plant – Based Foods: Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker:Makkia Saleem,PhD. Scholar,Human Nutrition & Dietetics

FFNHS – NIFSAT,University of Agriculture, Faisalabad

 Plants based foods presentation makkia final



21st CNE on 5th May 2018

Topic: How to write a research article

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Faiza Kamal, RD ,MS, CHN, PGD in Dietetics, M.Sc. Foods & Nutrition, Registered Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist,Shalamar Hospital

Sponsors: Nestle Nutrition

As the emphasis on research and its publication is increasing, this CNE session was much needed one. Ms. Faiza Kamal elaborated how to convert one’s research into an article, pinpointing the common mistakes done in the procedure. She told journal selection and the do’s and don’ts for acceptance of article. The session was concluded by Mrs Ghazala Pervez, Lahore PNDS chapter head.

Click here for the presentation     How To Write A Research Article




20th CNE held on 14th Apr 2018

Topic: Malnutrition: Understanding the Dilemma

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Sidra Arslan, RD ,Former Dietitian AKUH, Karachi

Sponsors: Nestle Health Nutrition

Presentation  2017 malnutrition by Sidra

Malnutrition in hospitalized patients is still the hidden skeleton in the closet, affecting a large number of admissions.The speaker discussed the causes and effects of malnutrition and practical solutions through her experience.

Pre and post session tests were taken to gauge how much was retained by audience.Ms Rebecca was attending to any queries related to memberships. Mrs Ghazala concluded the session with token of thanks.


19thContinuing Nutrition Education (17th Mar2018)

Topic: Nutritional Counselling: How to Ensure Change

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore

Speaker: Mariam Khan, RDN ,Online Nutrition Consultant,M.Sc. Nutrition (College of Home Economics, Pakistan)

Sponsors: Otsuka Pakistan

It is an integral part of nutrition care process to provide nutritional counseling to the clients. But for bringing a change in clients’ behavior and motivating for lifestyle modifications, demands effective counseling techniques. Mariam Khan elaborated all the steps, with examples, involved in the process of nutritional counseling.

Nutritional Counseling click here to view the presentation




18th CNE held on 3rd Feb 2018

Gluten Free Carbohydrate Counting

 Speaker:Tasnim Zahra Ali RDN,Head of Nutrition services, WILCARE

M.Sc. Nutrition (College of Home Economics, Pakistan),Registered Dietitian Nutritionist RDN (Brooklyn College, USA)

Venue: Auditorium Ittifaq Hospital,Lahore

Click here to view the presentation Gluten free Carbohydrate Counting



17th CNE held on 11th November 2017

 “Application of Qualitative Research in Dietetics”

 Speaker: Amina Chughtai,MSC,MPhil,RDN,Lecturer UVAS

Venue: Auditorium Ittifaq Hospital,Lahore

Click here to view the presentation Qualitative Research


16th CNE  held on 16th September ’17

 Topic: Epidemiological Perspectives of Nutrition

Speaker: Afifa Tanweer,PhD Scholar,Lecturer, University of Management & Technology, Lahore ,

Venue:Auditorium Ittefaq Hospital, Lahore

Click here to view the presentation   CNE – Afifa, 2017


15th CNE was held on 15th Aug, 2017

Topic: Long Chain Triglyceride Restricted Diet For Chylothorax

Speaker: Shifa Ali, RD (Clinical Dietitian, Ittefaq Hospital)

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital (Trust), Model Town, Lahore.

Sponsors: Nestle Nutrition

Long Chain Triglycerides have a different metabolism pattern than rest of the triglycerides which makes the dietary adjustments unique in conditions where their restriction is required. This session was on a relatively rare cardiothoracic post-surgical complication and the specific dietary modifications which were imperetive. The speaker explained the whole pathway of triglyceride digestion, absorption, pathophysiology and the grave consequences of chylothorax. Different types of triglycerides are required at different stages of human growth, especially the essential fatty acids are required in infancy for brain and retinal development. The speaker showed the ways in which diet of the patient was modified at each step of chylothorax and how it helped in recovery. It was a very informative and interesting session on a unique topic.

Click here for presentation and quiz(for members only)

14th CNE  held on  13th May 2017 

 “Lifestyle intervention to prevent Type 2 Diabetes amongst South Asians with central obesity and pre-diabetes”

Speaker: Syeda Tayyaba Batool,(Registered Dietitian, Lead Dietitian iHealth, Community Health Educator)

Venue: Ittefaq Hospital ,Lahore


iHealth-T2D study is a project funded by European Commission. The study focus on South Asian men and women living in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and United Kingdom. iHealth-T2D focus on family-based interventions delivered by community health workers based on published evidence and their own data from the UK, indicating superior clinical effectiveness for weight loss compared to individually- administered lifestyle modification. The study targets 1 year family intervention and 3 years follow up. Services Hospital is one of the hospitals in Pakistan where this study is being conducted.Ms Tayyaba Batool, our speaker and the Lead Dietitian of this study, along with her Research coordinator Dr Sara Mehmood, presented the salient features of this ongoing research. She discussed the objectives and the content. South Asians have higher risk of developing T2 DM as they are more insulin resistant. Waist circumference is a better predictor of T2D than BMI. Specific BMI ranges for Asians and Caucasians were mentioned. The speaker elaborated the whole course of their study; how they are conducting it, patient’s family involvement and the results they are getting.The audience asked question about data collection methods on this large scale study, and the selection criteria etc.The participants were given fifteen minutes for attempting the post session quiz. After that, the quiz paper was discussed.

Click Here for Presentation and Quiz( for members only)

Sponsors: Abbott Nutrition

13th CNE was held on  11th February 2017 on

“ Carbohydrate Counting For Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes”

Speaker: Tasnim Zahra Ali , RDN Head Of Nutrition Services, WILCARE M.Sc. Nutrition (College Of Home Economics, Pakistan) Registered Dietitian Nutritionist RDN (Brooklyn College, USA)

Attended by RDs, nutritionists, academia personnel, and students the participants number reached 70.

The speaker, Ms Tasnim Ali is an experienced RD and has been working for many years with diabetic population. She elaborated the carbohydrate counting concept step by step, emphasizing the significance of sugar control, insulin management & meal planning. She discussed her real life patients’s case studies and showed how to work with these patients methodically for the patient’s benefit and to fulfill nutritional needs. Pre reading material had been emailed previously to participants. Many questions  answers were discussed. Many RDs shared their experiences and opinions Post session quiz distributed and was attempted in about 10 minutes. Prof. Ghazala Pervez gave her views on the topic, gave token of thanks to speaker, organizers, sponsors & participants.

Click Here for Presentation and Quiz( for members only)

12th CNE was held on 14th January 2017 on

“Adductor Pollicis Muscle-An Emerging Anthropometric Parameter”

Speaker: Ms Amina Chugtai RD, Mphil Nutrition, Lecturer UVAS

Ayesha Batool ,Lecturer, University of South Asia

She Explained The Role Of This New Anthropometric Parameter For Assessment Of Nutritional Status. Ms Amina Chughtai, Being The Research Advisor, Elaborated The Pros And Cons Of This Emerging Tool. She Told That So Far Extensive Researches Have Been Done On Limited Scale In Brazil Only. She Discussed The Need For Further Local Researches Before Implementing This Tool In Pakistan. She Demonstrated The Use Of The Calipers For Measuring APM Thickness.

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