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Nida Jawed,MSC(Nutrition)RDN

Nida Jawed,MSC(Nutrition)RDN

Nida Jawed 

MSc. Nutrition, RDN.

Senior Lecturer Nutrition,School of Public Health, Dow University of Health Sciences

General Secretary – Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society(2017-2019)

Ms Nida Jawed is a Senior Lecturer and program coordinator for BS and MSPH- Nutritional Science program at the School of Public Health, Dow University of Health Sciences. Throughout her education career she had a strong passion towards nutritional sciences therefore even during her schooling she opted to choose food and nutrition along with other science courses. Ms Jawed has Masters degree in Home Economics with majors in food and nutrition.   Subsequent to her graduation she has worked in various health care organizations in a clinical setting.

These included the Kidney Centre-PGI, Tabba Heart Institute, Liaquat National Hospital and counseling at a private diabetes clinic. After working in a clinical setting she thought she needed to move further and grow in her field, which is why she joined academia. Getting to work in a public sector university provided her with greater opportunities for exploring the best of her capabilities. Although her role as public health nutrition professional was very challenging and enduring in first year of the academia, however she was fully determined to further enhance her knowledge and continue in her endeavor to the best of her ability.

She has been a member of Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society since 2004 and was awarded the first youngest PNDS member award.  She is currently the joint secretary and co-opt member for scientific and registration committee for 2013-2015.  She presented a research poster on “Diabetes Self-Management Practices and Gender Differences in Diet of People with Diabetes on Oral Hypoglycemic Agent and Insulin” at the Nutrition Research Symposium in 2013, organized by the Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society. She got her first  international publication on  ‘Nutritional and lifestyle risk behaviors and their association with mental health and violence among Pakistani adolescents: results from national survey of 4570 individuals in Bio Med Central- public health in March 2015 after continuous hard work and team support.

Being a quick and active learner Ms. Jawed has always looked out for opportunities to further improve her skills and gain more knowledge in her area of interest. She was also recently selected as one of 20 participants from Pakistan to represent at the 4 day workshop on “Nutrition Policy to Practice in Pakistan: Exploring the Challenges and Research Opportunities’, a British Council funded Researcher Links Workshop in Islamabad from 8-11 March 2015.

Also currently she is working as a group member for a Higher Education Commission (HEC) grant proposal with the experts of the field as principle investigators to mentor her. Her peers have been impressed by her efficiency, responsibility, dedication and professionalism towards her work.  She believes her passion and success in nutrition field, was derived by her parent’s support that kept her motivated throughout her career. Nida likes to volunteer for various opportunities to learn and gain new experiences.

She stresses that the best way to ‘stand out’ is by doing work with dedication and sincerity. Without a doubt, she believes hard work and desire to excel is what gets you off to a great start.  She believes “what you are doesn’t really matters but it’s what you do that creates the aura around you for which you’ll be accounted and remembered for”.

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