Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society | Nilofer Fatimi Safdar, M.SC., (PAK), MS., PHD, (USA), RDN.Director Nutrition Prog.SPH,DUHS
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Nilofer Fatimi Safdar, M.SC., (PAK), MS., PHD, (USA), RDN.Director Nutrition Prog.SPH,DUHS

Nilofer Fatimi Safdar, M.SC., (PAK), MS., PHD, (USA), RDN.Director Nutrition Prog.SPH,DUHS


M.SC., (PAK), MS., PHD, (USA), RDN.


Dr. Nilofer Safdar’s work exemplifies the qualities of dietitians. She strongly believes in the power of education as she quotes “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead” (Aristotle)

After completing her Masters she continued her career on her return in 1982. She started working at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKU) as a senior clinical dietician. The University was in the formative stage, building the foundation of an organization that would ultimately manage a 654 bed hospital. She was one of the eight original members of the hospital commissioning team, charged with the primary responsibility to coordinate, plan and execute one of the first Nutrition and Food service department in a Pakistani hospital. She took this as an opportunity to prove and convince how this discipline would contribute and accelerate patient recovery. Gradually, other hospitals in Pakistan started to follow and the importance of nutrition in therapeutic medicine started to gain importance. The number of practicing nutritionist and dietitian slowly increased.

Having an experience of over 30 years, Dr. Safdar’s greatest strength lies in her passion for the nutrition discipline, therefore in 2012 she decided to pursue her PhD studies in spite of her age and family responsibilities. On her return in 2013, she decided to work in academia and particularly in public sector and was able to convince Dow university of Health Sciences to initiate both the undergraduate and graduate degree program in Nutritional Sciences.

Her academics in nutrition include a Doctorate degree in Public Health Nutrition from University of Massachusetts, USA, & Master’s degree in clinical nutrition from the City University of New York, USA. She also has acquired professional training in International Nutrition from Cornell University, NY.

In 2003, she along with a small group of dedicated nutritionists and related health professionals formed a society called Pakistan Nutrition & Dietetic Society (PNDS). Dr. Safdar is not only one of the founding members but also two-time president of this society.

Currently, she is an assistant professor & program director- Nutrition, School of Public Health, Dow University of Health Sciences. She is still working very hard to sensitize policy makers, private sector partners, medical professionals and the public at large to convince on the importance about nutrition in health education both from curative and preventive health view point. She also represents Pakistan in the Asian Federation of Dietetic Association, UK Nutrition Society, and American Society of Nutrition & Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. Her interests are both in the academia and clinical nutrition.

Her ground-breaking success in expanding the Foods and Nutrition programs will have a positive impact on dietitians in the field of dietetics. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Nilofer is always thinking to pursue the future of dietitians. Dr. Nilofer has maintained a friendly, positive, professional attitude even in the face of most trying circumstances. She is passionate about dietetics, an outspoken visionary and has an engaging sense of humor. Dr. Safdar is glad to have chosen a career in dietetics. She has been enriched by her role in the advancement of nutrition and dietetics while increasing the scope and visibility of dietitians in leadership.

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